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Hardest Gym Leaders?


Stabbity Stabbity
I'm curious, people. Which gym leaders have you had the most consistent trouble with in Pokémon history?

For me, I'd have to say...

#4 Norman (Balance Badge) in R/S/E
#3 Whitney (Plain Badge) in G/S/C/HG/SS
#2 Misty (Cascade Badge) in R/B/Y/FR/LG

and my most troublesome is actually...

#1 Lenora (Basic Badge) in B/W

I dunno why, but I seem to have trouble against Normal-type gym leaders!

Squornshellous Beta

Active member
Tate and Liza always caused problems for me, due to their double-battle style and my tendency to only train one Pokémon.

Whitney, too. Cursed Miltank.

Not Meowth

Cat, are you drilling?
Obviously Whitney.
I also recall having problems fighting Norman, Clair, Tate and Liza, and Wallace/Juan.

Also, Brock if you start with Charmander and arent playing FRLG where you can just grind it up 10 measly levels and get Metal Claw >:C


rage against the dying of the light
Let's see. Whitney, Giovanni, Tate and Liza, Clair, and Flannery, to name a few. Wattson was also extremely annoying when I didn't start with Marshtomp. he would kill my Combusken early and then proceed to sweep the rest of my team with manectric. so. many. times.


Everyone call me elf monster.
I found Bugsy in heart gold hard, because of that darn scyther with technition. It killed everything,even my quilava.

Vipera Magnifica

Aquatic Artiste
I found Burgh to be difficult if you start with Snivy. I only managed to beat him with a timburr that uses rock throw and a whole lot of potions. I guess he would be no problem at all if you picked Tepig.


has a BONE to pick with you
Elesa. Damn Volt Switch Emolga.
This was far less difficult on the playthrough where I trained a Dwebble/Crustle.
Stealth Rock + Volt Switching Emolgas = sit back and watch them impale themselves CB

I'm not sure who's the most difficult gym leader I've encountered, though. It mostly depends on the team so it varies every playthrough. Elesa was quite fucking annoying on my first few tries but not overly difficult, and I can't remember any leader who would've given me trouble every time (alternatively, I've just suppressed all the memories of my failures 8D).


if the nineth lion ate the sun.
I never, ever found Whitney hard. o_O

Norman was a pain until I started bringing along a Breloom; I had to restart once for Elesa; Misty in the original RB was a bint... I think that's it!


rage against the dying of the light
I will admit that whiney was easy if you went to the trouble of raising a geodude, or trading over a dratini. Her miltank is pathetically easy if you can use Dragon Rage.

forgot to mention Roark, when I was training my Chimchar. I had to fight him literally 20 times before chimchar evolved into monferno, learned Mach Punch/Gained the fighting type, and completely owned him.


if the nineth lion ate the sun.
Never trained a Geodude, never had a Dratini. In GSC I taught my Quilava Rollout and beat her at her own game, and... I can't actually remember what I did in HG, haha.

Arylett Charnoa

Barely existent.
I never really found Whitney that hard either. I can't really remember having trouble with her.

Clair, on the other hand... Jesus, it's hard to hit the weakness of her dragons. Especially if you decide not to use anything from the Ice Path. The Dragonair have Thunderbolt/Surf/Ice Beam, I think, which also makes them a pain because they can hit for a lot of type coverage. And what about Kingdra? You can't even FIND a weakness unless you have a Dragon-type/Dragon-type move, and in GSC, those were very rare.

Even in HG when they replaced one of her Dragonair with a Gyarados, she was challenging. Though they took off the Thunderbolt/Surf/Ice Beam thing, there was Dragon Pulse which is much more damaging than Dragonbreath and still hard to resist because only Steel-types really resist dragons. Also, Aqua Tail. Man, that move is painful.

In Stadium 2 though, she is just MIND-KNASHING. My God, it took me SO many tries to beat that stupid Kingdra of hers.

I also recall Norman being challenging the one time I played Sapphire. I'll have to play it again to see if he's still challenging since it was a long time ago and I was sort of idiotic back then.


Super Moderator
RB: Misty
Y: Koga
GSC: Whitney
RS: Norman
E: Tate & Liza
DP: Fantina
Pt: Roark
HGSS: Bugsy
BW: Elesa


booming system
GS: Whitney
C: Clair
RS: Tate & Liza
E: Norman
DP: Fantina
HGSS: Whitney
BW: Burgh (Having a Servine and Panpour is a little challenging.)