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Hello after 10 years lmao


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OK so there's absolutely no reason for anyone to remember me and I'll be honest I've recognized like 1 person (aside from the owner of this forum/website which I honestly cannot believe it is still updated after this long)

Anyway, hi, I'm Scohui, Sco for short and easier to type, and TCoD is probably the earliest I can back to when it comes to internet postage that ISN'T my facebook. Honestly I look back on it and I cringe indefinitely, I mean, I was just some early teen who was quite into MLP at the time ahah I can't say I'm super proud of that for many reasons. Also just the content of what I used to post I mean, I get it I was young but, god LOL

I've always been "aware" of this site for the years that passed. I mean from time to time I like to google myself and I guess there's just not that many Scohuis to begin with so this does eventually pop up. But I just remembered what my email/password could be and here I am finally erasing all my brony-ism from my profile hahaha.

I'm a college student, I'm taking a master's degree even though I really really don't want to write a thesis :( I've started doing YouTube which made me meet a lot of creators big and small but as it stands right now it seems all the drama over the years has ruined most of my standing within the community I was in so I'm once again "just another small YouTuber" and I think I've come to terms with that. Uuuh got quite into working out, but I don't want to make it sound like I'm some bodybuilder or something lol I just enjoy fitness in general (even though college does love to sap my energy). It's so strange that I actually am writing an update of like 10 years what the heck. I don't even know what to say haha who even WAS the person posting on this account back then !?

I'll be quite honest I don't intend to make a stay here. After being subjected to all these quick feed apps and social media my brain cannot handle forums that well anymore. So I'm mostly making this post for the fun of the whole "hey it's me after a whole decade" and maybe someone will recognize me or no one will, eh. I'll stick around for a bit just to see replies and stuff. Anyway hi.

EDIT: After posting I realized signatures were a thing and gee damn why was mine so BIG no way that was normal behavior bruh
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