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hello there !


just a little ball
hi everyone ! ive been a lifelong fan of the pokemon series, my first game was pokemon silver. and although my interest in the games have waxed and waned over my life i still always hold on to them as a sort of comfort and special interest i know i can sink into when i need to. i found this lovely little place while i was looking for a calculator to try and find munchlax trees in platinum because i so ignorantly thought it would be cool to have one on my team. oh what a fool's errand i set for myself, for now i check every day in an almost religious manner trying desperately to get the one of cute little chubby guys. but hey atleast im making use out of this quarantine. afterwards i poked around the site a little more and found it to be this nice and seemingly inviting community and well, now im here !

my favorite pokemon is my name's sake. i love that little orb theyre so cute. my favorite typing is steel. and my favorite pokemon game is heart gold. as for things outside this fandom,i do play a good many other games, im very much into rpg's of all sorts and i'm really into both the fallout universe and the elder scrolls universe. if i ever have downtime at all i likely playing sudoku or tetris on my phone, or watching longform video essays on youtube.

im really happy to be here and i cant wait to start posting ! :^)


sorry guys, don’t lose
hi!!!! very glad to see another person who types in lowercase and uses the :^) emote. welcome! :D


bastard of puppets
... oh my fucken god you're in for a bad time

I meant because of the munchlax, you let me know how the forum treats ya though-



...but that's ok! Because this is a seaplane!
She/Her or They/Them
As tradition goes, you eat the tea and cod when warm.

...But, welcome to TCoD forums. We have a lovely community, plenty of fun games (Mafia, Anime-Style-Battling, Roleplaying) I really hope you enjoy your time here.

Also, it's not my favorite but forretress is pretty cute/cool idk it depends.