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Hooo boy it's been a while


is not a... a spicy tuna roll!!
Hey there guys! It's been.... A good four years since I've been on TCoD? I joined when I was twelveish, I'm pretty sure, but I figured since I've been gone for so long (and I'm older and more mature now) I may as well reintroduce myself, since people don't know me anyway.

Hi there! I'm Mike, Frost, or Frostagin, whichever floats your boat! I'm currently genderquestioning, and use he or they pronouns. I've also used neopronouns in the past but they're not my main pronouns so I don't really bother.

I'm a fan of... many things. Eventually I'll figure out how to get a MyAnimeList in my signature, because anime and card games are what I spend most of my time on. (Well, children's card games.) The one interest from Frostagin's ye olden 2012 TCoD days that has stayed is Yu-Gi-Oh. I love Yu-Gi-Oh and I love old defunct decks best (qwq). Gets my butt kicked every time but you can't tell me Rainbow Dragon isn't the greatest.

As for hobbies, I enjoy writing microfiction, and watercolor paintings. Might make an art thread for some of those later! I'm a senior in high school currently, so if you message me, it might be a while before I can reply. ^^;

If I inadvertently break any rules, please let me know. It's hard for me to keep track of these things sometimes, and the last thing I want to do is cause trouble for anyone.

It's nice to meet new users/re-meet old users! :>


is not a... a spicy tuna roll!!

DANG it's cool to see y'all again! :D And also nice to meet you, Kung Fu Ferret!