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How many Shiny Pokemon do you have?

How many Shinies do you have?

  • 0-10

    Votes: 204 87.6%
  • 11-20

    Votes: 13 5.6%
  • 21-30

    Votes: 3 1.3%
  • 31 or over

    Votes: 13 5.6%

  • Total voters


shiny Zigzagoon

I'm walking back to Fortree and then "hey are Zigzagoon normally so dark" and then *sparkle* and then *catch* and then :3.

That makes eight shinies I've ever seen (Rattata, Spinarak, Oddish, Exeggcute, Zubat, Geodude, Spearow, Zigzagoon) and two that I still have today (Spearow as part of my main FR team and Zigzagoon).

I deleted the first three, accidentally ran from the fourth, had to run from the fifth because it was a new Diamond game that I was unable to save on, the sixth blew itself up and so I only have the seventh and eighth left.


I found a shiny Buizel some time ago. Was EV training my Suicune against some Shellos. I was multitasking, so when I heard a sparkle from my DS, I freaked.

My first shiny Pokemon I've actually been able to catch/keep :3


will be the prettiest little girl since Zac Efron.
I caught a shiny Geodude on my Pearl some time ago before I erased that file. :(
The other day I was searching for a Lapras while doing something else, and when I looked back at the screen a Floatzel appeared. I was like "damn, not another – wait, is that thing /shiny/?" I missed the sparkle, so when I caught it I had to double check and see if it really was shiny. It was pretty funny.


Back in action!
Yesterday morning, I caught a shiny Staravia from a chain of 8 while effort-training shiny Froslass.

She's my 21st shiny. :)

((I must be missing three -- my previous post says 18 caught.))


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Wow, turns out fate has a way of balancing things out:

Today, I got my first-ever random encounter shiny on the way to school (Graveler)

In school, I chained Beldum. On the way home, after having refreshed for a while, I found a shiny...and killed it with a freaking critical hit. ...yet I never get critical hits when I need them.

Oh, well. The Graveler is my fifth shiny in two days (the other four being Skittys [one now a Delcatty]). So I'm not too irritated.

I even have the chain going still. Bit ironic, though.


New member
In school, I chained Beldum. On the way home, after having refreshed for a while, I found a shiny...and killed it with a freaking critical hit. ...yet I never get critical hits when I need them.
Don't feel too bad, Beldum has the same catch rate as freakin' Mewtwo so by getting that critical hit you saved yourself a lot of time and Pokedollars.


Words just don't like you...

Aheh, not really. I may use my AR to get whatever shiny I want but i have amassed legit shinies over the years. Last I counted my collection stood at five.


Four, counting Red Gyarados.

Rattata, caught in Silver.

Tentacruel, to lazy to look at stats, caught on my first play-through of FireRed.

Zubat, Adamant nature, caught four days ago when re-playing FireRed.

Then I saw a Shiny Croagunk in the Great Marsh, hit it with four muds and wasted twelve Safari Balls on it. Missed it.

EDIT: Make it five, I forgot about my Pikachu Colored Pichu.
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I've had three. The Red Gyarados, the Pikachu-colored-Pichu, and a random Rhyhorn that I found in Platinum, which quickly evolved into Rhyperior.


I have 2, 3 if you count the event Pichu. The first is a Roselia(now a Roserade) I caught in the trophy garden, the second is a Staravia(now an EV trained Staraptor) I caught wile looking for a Radar-only Pokemon. I also saw a shiny Wooper in the Great Marsh, but of course it ran on the first turn.

I was lucky enough to see 5 in my old LeafGrean game, but I only caught 2 and wound up deleting the save file.


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3, inlcuding the Pikachu-coloured-Pichu. The others, a Rattata (now Raticate), who was my first shiny. I found it on my FireRed as I was walking from Pallet to Viridian after smashing the E4. The other is an Unown-P I found while searching for all the Unown types in Pearl. *Ding sparkle sparkle*


I have two shiny pokemon....Weepinbell and Zubat. And my shiny Zubat shall NEVER evolve...Because shiny crobat is pink, and the person it's named after is not a pink sort of person...anyway...SHINY ZUBAT LOOKS LIKE ASPARAGUS! ^^


Also known as Hyozanryu
Leesee here... Shiny Tyranitar, which is friggin' sweet, shiny Zubat in Pokemon Pinball R/S, the Red Gyarados in SoulSilver (Japanese) and Crystal (English), and two event Pichu. So that's 2 random, 2 in-game, and 2 event. Still chaining for Kirlia...