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How would your team be like if you were a gym leader


Judgemental people GTFO
Its hard for me to choose between an all pikachu themed gym and a fairy type one....xD;

Cos I love the idea of both for me. :)

I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
At lower levels, I'd have a Wooper, a Lotad, and a Squirtle.

Postgame, Swampert, Tentacruel, Blastoise, Sharpedo, Rotom-W, and Araquanid.


socially distanced
Fire type gym for me, Typhlosion, Chandelure, Ninetails, Torkoal (w/ Drought), Houndoom, and Salazzle

for lower levels, Houndour, Vulpix, and Litwick


resident soap eater
All ghosts! Gimme that creepy aesthetic. You know, like dim lights and weird stuff.

For early-game/lower levels, probably Misdreavus, Litwick, and Sableye.
Mid-game would be Mismagius, Lampent, and Mimikyu.
Late-game is Mismagius, Chandelure, Sableye, and Mimikyu.

Post-game/rematches would be Mismagius, Chandelure, Rotom, Aegislash, Sableye, and Mimikyu.


Flowers. So many of the same. So many unneeded.
she, they
Specialty: Ice. Ice-types need more love!

Ninetales (Alola) (sets up Hail)
Weavile (physical sweeper)
Glaceon (Choice Scarf/Specs Blizzard user)
Rotom-Frost (special attacker, tank)


Judgemental people GTFO
I wonder if i'd be good with fighting types, since i see pokemon battling in a martial arts type of way (i mean....i even called one of my books 'the book of enlightenment' cos like i think like a martial artist thanks to pokemon haha).

I do worry if it would clash with my love of cute stuff, though......or if i got mad at my pokemon if they didn't share that love. That is kinda the issue i face over this idea. I hate stereo types about disliking cute things.....(they piss me off so freaking much. in my book, anyone who seriously can't stand cute things is probably a jerk. i'm glad the japanese seem to share my views overall......that comforts me. cos, seriously, WHY SCOWL AT A KITTEN?! and now i have a dying dog, so i feel even more peeved over this....)

EDIT: trying to calm down now......sorry, i guess i needed to rant (people disliking cute things is a major trigger of mine).

I like myuma's team. Ice types are pretty :)