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I am a celebrity bodyguard?


Uh, I didn't do it.
So, I've never actually had this before, it's strange.

That moment when your world turns to shit, everything comes falling apart... then somehow puts itself the fuck back together all on its own.

It's weird.

So, some time ago I posted this thread. So a couple months after that, once everything hit the fan, so to speak, I lost my position at the hospital. It was... heartbreaking. I had been promoted again in that time and given the position of assistant manager for the security team. The manager and I put our hearts and souls into that place, working constantly, days, nights, it didn't matter. And it didn't matter to our clients either.

The new company came in, and they are failing spectacularly by the way. It's disheartening, but it's so far into hindsight now that we can laugh at it.

After we lost the hospital, I was floating with my company as a part of our special response team, did everything from there, bouncing, loss prevention, anything to fill my check and make sure my bills were paid. This April I fell into bodyguard work. A famous guy by the name of Prince (video) passed away and they hired my company to guard Paisley Park Studios, his home and studio. I was contaced by my company, who only wanted the highest ranking officers to respond. I can't say the details as they're still classified, but I can say my work as a bodyguard extended to his family. Working for a high end celebrity, even a dead one, got me more attention that I expected. I got more bodyguard jobs, from everything to musicians, to pro-athletes, to even politicians. It's been crazy. When you can say you've assisted with the vice president of a foreign country's security team... where do you go from there?

Still, the pay wasn't that great, I was working with a private company after all. I missed working in a hospital, so so much. I had applied in February to nearly every hospital in the cities, and I hadn't heard shit back. I mean, it was fun, different, and paid well for the industry, but I missed working in a hospital.

I continued to work at Paisley Park, and for Prince's family. But I was getting burned out there too. Out of the blue this August I get a call I wasn't expecting, the state capital hospital, a level one trauma, the second largest hospital in the state had called me in for an interview, and I got the job. The pay is... so much better. To be honest, I'm making more than some of the guards that were there already, experience ftw. I'm making bank now, have managed to start saving instead of having it fall down the never-ending well of medical bills from my eyes. My healthcare benefits are amazing, nearly everything's covered.

My job and life are all coming together. Soon I will be able to buy my own home, new car, and fuck man, I even started putting away into a 401 for retirement, something I've never done. Yeah, I miss my old hospital, the people mainly (they miss me too, I've been told, they are not very happy with the new company, oh well), but they're still family, I talk to them every day and it was a great learning experience. I've even finished my medic courses and I will be working again on an ambulance.

So if I haven't been posting here, sorry, but I've been having the time of my life with famous people and getting my dream job back. (Oh, and I chopped off all my hair, now have a hawk. Wut)
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That's really awesome to hear, Phantom! :D I'm glad things are working out! It sounded like you were going through one heck of a hard time and it's good to see things start to come together for you.