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i am like 100% sure that the majority of you do not remember me


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I remember you, but I don't remember talking to you or forming any sort of opinion on you. However, from reading that introductory post, I can say with some amount of confidence that I'd like to get to know you.

Welcome back.


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Good lord, I actually read like half of that. Then I just gave up on it.

Anyways, recognize the name. I never talked to you(really, probably the only people on this forum I ever have had a conversation with is probably Zora and Flareth, and that's on another forum so yeeeah), so I can't really say much.

But using the Shift Key is FUUUUUNNNN! D: At least it really isn't that noticable.


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I'm surprised at the number of members I recognize just from usernames, especially since most of the people I remember I never even talked to

not really much to add since the majority of you said we didn't talk much and we didn't, so.

and dezzuu if you'd like to get to know me i'd be more than willing to get to know you as well! (same goes for anyone else reading this, meeting new people is fun as shit)


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I read up to where you started going on about reality tv =3

But YES I've seen you around. You're one of those people that, in my head, I consider "famous" because of how often I happened to see your posts around here. We never spoke, though =P

...I used to be ~SqUiiGgLy_StArr*
...I think o.o


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I remember you very well. When I was Dark Tyranitar, we had many post wars and the like in the forum games. :D Good to see you back.


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When I was Dark Tyranitar, we had many post wars and the like in the forum games. :D
That was actually kind of fun to look at sometimes :3 I think once or twice I might have jumped right in.

Anyway, I kind of remember you, and I remember having a desire to beat your post count. I epically failed, because RPs usually go slower than Forum Games. You probably won't remember me because, again, I usually post in RPs.

It may boost your memory if you remember that I named all of my characters Thorn (changed that, btw).