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I finished the Favorite Picker.


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Ask; Try She/Her
I went through the Four Hour task of completing the Favorite Picker. (When your quarantined you have a lot of time on your hands i guess).

Please feel free to make as many weird comments and observations, compile the data, predict what pokemon will be my next favorite, do stupid scientist things, what ever. Do as you like.
Favorite List

Btw a few notes.

1-24 | Are my absolute FAVORITES i cannot live without them.
25-48 | Are Pokemon I really love and often have on my team in pokemon games.
49-108 | Pokemon i love a lot, like the design they're really cool, Almost all these pokemon have been on my team in a pokemon game at some point.
109-228 | Pokemon i like a good deal, I would have no problem using any of these pokemon and really do enjoy them.
229-468 | Pokemon i Like, i enjoy most of these pokemon a good deal for whatever reason.
469-612 | Pokemon i tolerate or think are cute, these ones i don't really have a problem with but feel kind of meh, usually legendaries or second evolutions i don't mind, sometimes baby or first evolutions that i think are cute.
613-888 | again, i usually tolerate these. Some i only enjoy for they're competitive aspect. I messed up a bit and the accuracy of where they place as far as favorites go is a little bit off.
889-1032 | I dislike most of these pokemon or only slightly tolerate them.
1032-1077 | I hate these ones and i wish they did not exist.


I am very curious about your most hated pokemon! can you go into some of the reasons why they're ranked as they are? (feel free to just go through a few, I imagine explaining why all 35 have your ire would take a lot of time)


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Ask; Try She/Her
-Carmamel Alcremie because i hate Caramel (But i love all other Alcremies, but Caramel is just disgusting)
-Pachirisu because a jerk i used to know loved pachirisu
-Spearow and Fearow because their designs aren't very good (in my opinion)
-Miltank because it's just kind of weird.
-Jinx because it's also weird and a little bit objectifying
-AND WOOBAT and SWOOBAT because their design is awful, they're weird pokemon to begin with, their dex entries are weird and i just... i just hate them


I love girly things :)
WOW!!! :O Such dedication to all thing pokemon in this list!!! :) You rated every single one. That must not of been easy.

Also you're top two favorites being Mega Lucario and Lucario makes me super happy. we gotta be friends :P


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Ask; Try She/Her
Whoa thanks for reminding me of this thread, i should probably do it all over again since my favorites have changed a bunch 🤣 calyrex is my beloved


New member
Mine's only about a fifth this size. Although, I'm giving myself an easier time with the Favorite Pokemon Picker by lumping regional variants into their predecessors and excluding transformations like Mega Evolutions.