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I grew up with this site.


Still loves Joltik, though!
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Hi everyone I'm meadow. I'm on a kick of revisiting old fansites that I used to frequent in my childhood. I really missed the vibe of these types of early 2000's sites and it's super fun to revisit it. What do you miss the most from early 2000's internet culture?
Hey, welcome!

I miss the incredibly varied flora of fan websites that used to exist about basically everything. Fandom is all concentrated on social media and blogs these days, and while those have their upsides, they make information a lot harder to find, and they just don't have the sheer charm of old-school fansites built from the ground up by someone passionate in their free time! I take a lot of joy in still running a proper oldschool fansite in 2020 but I wish there were more of us.


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As you said, I looooove the vibes of these fansites. They have so much charm to them and display so much love and passion from the creators. What I specifically like is that it really feels like a community here from what I've observed so far. And it's nice to know that I can step away for a few days if needed and not be too out of the loop. I'm very new here and I've never really participated in forums before so I still have trouble navigating the forums which is kinda embarrassing. But this is the first time I've ever felt like I wanted to participate which is saying something since I usually have trouble coming out of my shell. Everyone here seems super nice and it's very relaxing to read everyone's thoughts and comments.