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i have like less than a week left of being a teenager


the dave of guy
My 20th birthday is coming up this Saturday so I'm 19 for a few days more. Basically, I'm thinking of this like I have 6 days left of numerically being a teenager.

I've decided I am making my own website area/page and filling it with a bunch of stuff and seeing how it goes. Maybe I'll link it when its more finished, or you can dm me to ask for it if you want

But also.... man!!!!! Good vibes only about this though. I'm so psyched about being a teenager right now. This is awesome.

Anyway yeah :3 idk i just wanna talk about it and maybe post the link here when i do a bit more work on the page


Congratulations. Additionally, numbers are arbitrary. If you want to continue thinking you're a teenager, go ahead and creatively forget when your birthday is for a couple of weeks afterwards.

If you need help with the webpage, may I suggest looking up W3Schools? They have a comprehensive guide to HTML, CSS and other (non-markup, actual programming) languages. The only thing you pay for is the certification when you pass the final tests but, between you, me and the rest of the forum, the only proof you need to say you can do a thing is to go ahead and do it.


a million miles of water
sorting things into decades is a great way to please your human brain, be happy you survived two of them!!! whooOO! 1/5 of the way to a century and at that point you're a real testament to human kind, if you haven't proven that in the 80 year interim. keep up the good work :)


Haha I'm 27 and I wish I had done something like that when I was turning 20! That was what, 2015? I was a year into university... I guess that's how I sort my life, really, "year x of gymnazium/university" really helps me ground my memories. I have scant diary entries around that time, anyways. The latter half of 2016 was more of a turning point. But I digress, this is about you, not me! I'll be excited to check out your website!