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I play in uu because I like bad pokemon


that guy
Yep. Gotta say I think that uu actually has more interesting gameplay because you see weird and random pokemon all the time. The team I've been using recently (to little success, I don't know if my pokemon are bad or if I am) looks like this:

Timid w/Choice Scarf and Cursed Body
4 HP/ 252 SpA/ 252 Spe
~Ice Beam
~Destiny Bond

This is a cute lead I picked up back in Gen IV, because she deals with SR leads really well and also generally makes people who lead with setup pokemon rage. Destiny Bond is great for revenge kills on Ambipom and similar pokemon, while spikes lets me do a little bit of setup and ice beam lets me do some damage myself. I guess her EVs don't really need to be in her attack stat but I'm not sure if giving her more HP would make destiny bond harder to use.

Jolly w/ Sitrus Berry and Early Bird
4 HP/ 252 Att/ 252 Spe
~Brave Bird
~Quick Attack

God how I miss the days when Dodrio was good with tri attack. That being said, I still like him as a physical sweeper, despite his absolute puddle of a movepool. Endeavor/Quick Attack is a great combo for low HP situations and Brave Bird does a good job of getting me there. I don't actually find myself being opposed too greatly in uu with him unless they have an empoleon, since he just resists everything I can throw at him.

Modest w/ Choice Scarf and Compoundeyes
4 HP/ 252 SpA/ 252 Spe
~Volt Switch
~Bug Buzz
~Giga Drain/Energy Ball

I really love the fact that galvantula has a 91 accuracy thunder at his disposal. I'm trying to replace his choice scarf though, because I've played this same set with Life Orb before and he turns into quite the force with it. I think that maybe if I use timid instead of modest I might be able to slip by some threats, but I'm unsure.

Calm w/ Chesto Berry and Liquid Ooze
252 HP/ 128 Def / 128 SpD

3x Stockpile on swalot is actually kind of ridiculous. Chesto+rest to sleep off any burns or paralysis I get, and Infestation+toxic burns through pokemon rather quickly. I've won some games with him, but he really has no answer to steel pokemon.

Calm w/ Eviolite and Magnet Pull
112 HP/ 144 Def/ 252 SpD
~Hidden Power (Fire)

Because dodrio, swalot, and occasionally galvantula have a hard time answering to steel types, I threw in this guy as sort of a mixed tank/steel sweeper. The weird EV spread came from me trying to make its defenses more balanced with each other, and with eviolite they both come out to a respectable 393. Reflect is... just kind of there. I'm honestly not sure what it could learn (apart from magnet rise, I suppose) that would be better for him or the team, so I gave it some reflect.

Modest w/ Leftovers and Magic Guard
~Shadow Ball

Honestly I'm having a hard time to come up with a moveset that works for reuniclus. I love the pokemon so much but his offensive movepool is so sparse it makes for a difficult build...