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If you were a Pokemon, based on your personality, which would you be?


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Based on the Pokedex entries.
Personally, I'd probably be a Shuppet or a Mawile.

So what would you be?
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I took the test here and got Teddiursa, which is what one of my friends said was most likely.

it fit pretty well, so

nothing to see here

...probably not posting here too much anymore.
I think I took the test thingie before at some point, but I can't remember what I got on it.

But anyway, personality isn't determined by species (not even in Pokémon's alternate universe--calm Gyaradoses, relaxed Vigoroths, and hasty Slowpokes exist, after all.) So... it's hard to say.

(I don't really like to go by the Pokédex entries, either, since so many of them are obviously exaggerated or just plain wrong. For example: one Cubone in Lavender Town loses its mother, and then suddenly the Pokédex entries are suggesting that the same thing happened to the entire species somehow.)


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I took this test and got Charizard, but took another test and got Misdreavus. That's for me overall - I think I would be a Mesprit, though. I'm calm and perceptive, and value emotions. I have to translate emotions for myself sometimes. xD


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Well, part of the reason that I like Jolteon so much is that I really think that I'm very similar to one in the first place from my interpretation in many ways, so I started to constantly pretend to be one without it having even been near a top a favorite at all at the time. Now that I always see myself as being one though, I actually act like one even more by like subconsciously vocalizing saying the word Jolteon regularly and walking on all fours, or similar things when it makes sense, I'm aware that sounds really silly. Also, most "What Pokemon Are You" type quizzes I can remember taking that do have Jolteon as an option I've gotten Jolteon without it even having been conscious that it was an option.

Anyways, definitely Jolteon. Mainly I see it as because I'm pretty likely to suddenly change my emotions, as well as the fact that I'm very sensitive to physical stimuli. I would also most definitely be electric type, considering my fascination with electrical things, it's pretty much like my element. There are most certainly many other reasons.


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I got Ralts on the TCoD quiz. It just SCREAMS me, believe it or not. It may not look like it here, but in real life, that is me.


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I think the test gave me togetic, so I suppose I am one of them. I associate myself with clefairy (mainly for irony, as I keep claiming to hate pink despite loving many pink pokemon) or chatot (a pokesona I chose when the note part of a chatot reminded me of Dib's hair). I suppose I could be an aipom when hyper though...oh I dunno. My mood changes constantly, and so do my pokesonas...


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By choice, Charmander.

By PokeDex, not sure.

By TCoD's quiz, Mew and Togetic.


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I believe Cyndaquil fits me most pokedex-wise. The test told me Togetic, and I've thought on occasion I would make a good Togetic. So it's between those two.


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Hmm... an Espeon, as I am loyal to those whom I care about, but am ready and willing to beat some ass when needed. =D