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[In Progress] South Park: Digital Oddity (A Digimon crossover) *RATED M*

Kung Fu Ferret

The Legendary Tanuki
WARNING: This fanfiction has blood, swearing, drug usages, sexual references, and politics. (but that goes without saying because.... South Park) Reader's discretion is advised.

Let's try this again....

The day is January 1, 2021....
Herbert Garrison will NOT been sworn in for a second term President of the United States.
And now, the Digital World needs saving from the soon-to-be former Buffoon-in-Chief, who has made some dangerous allies and enemies.
He spent the latter half of his campaign posting derogatory tweets about Digimon, the Digidestined, and the Digital World.

Kari Kamiya, a former Digidestined, is now a Kindergarten teacher in South Park, Colorado, where Garrison once taught 4th Grade. Her older brother, Tai, the UN Ambassador to the Digital World, requested that she meet with the President's former students, and teach them about Digimon. Stan, Kyle, and the others don't know it yet, but they have already been chosen to be the next Digidestined. The President plans on releasing the evil Digimon known as Daemon from Dark Ocean. Daemon will not be alone, however, as he brought friends, including NeoMyotismon and KingEtemon, old enemies of the Digidestined who have been resurrected and became these new forms.

Will President Garrison rule America for life with his new Digital allies, or will the New Daemon Corps. come up with a plan of their own? Who knows?

Now as for which South Park gets partnered up with which Digimon.....
Kid <> Digimon (Rookie/Champion/Ultimate/Mega)

Stan <> Gaomon/GaoGamon/MachGaoGamon/MirageGaoGamon
Wendy <> Lunamon/Lekismon/Crescemon/Dianamon
Kyle <> Ryudamon/Ginryumon/Hisharyumon/Ouryumon
Cartman <> Guilmon/Growlmon/WarGrowlmon/Gallantmon
Nichole<> Lalamon/Sunflowmon/Lilamon/Lotosmon
David <> FanBeemon/Waspmon/CannonBeemon/TigerVespamon
Butters <> Falcomon/Peckmon/Crowmon/Ravemon
Bebe <> Renamon/Kyubimon/Taomon/Sakuyamon

The other kid/Digimon combos have not been decided yet because plot reasons. (Except Kenny, because he's dead again!)

Chapter one coming soon
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Kung Fu Ferret

The Legendary Tanuki

January 7, 2021
It was a quiet Wednesday morning at South Park Elementary. PC Principal was talking to the newly-hired kindergarten teacher Ms. Kari Kamiya, and her cat-like Digimon, Gatomon, in his office.

"Well, Ms. Kamiya, I'll accept your request to see some of the fourth graders for an after-school project, starting this afternoon." PC Principal stated, a bit puzzled, reading the email Kari sent him. "Let me see.... You want to teach eight of Garrison's former students to become the next.... Digidestined?"

"That is correct." Kari replied. "However, I'll be willing to take more students in at some point."

PC Principal nodded in agreement.

"I think it's very noble of you, Ms. Kamiya. And when will you be able to start taking in more fourth-graders?" PC Principal continued

"My brother Tai and his Digimon Agumon, will let me know, PC Principal." Kari responded.

"And your brother Tai... He is a diplomat, is that correct?" PC Principal asked.

"Yes, he and Agumon are the UN Ambassadors to the Digital World!" Gatomon answered. "Both worlds are under threat by President Garrison."

PC Principal looked at the list of students, and saw the name Kenny McCormick as a potential candidate for a Digidestined.

"I'll let these students know the second the bell rings, but....." PC Principal said. "You stated in your email that one of the students youwanted to see was... Kenny McCormick. I'm sorry to say this, but he passed away, back in November. Might I suggest you add David Rodriguez to your list?"

Kari and Gatomon nodded in agreement.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, PC Principal." Kari said, a bit surprised to hear about Kenny's death. "David will do great as a Digidestined. I'm sure of it!"

PC Principal paged Vice Principal Strong Woman.

"Vice Principal Strong Woman?" He asked

"Yes?" She replied

"At 3PM, can you bring the following eight students to my office? PC Principal requested. "I'll need Stan Marsh, Wendy Testaburger, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Nichole Daniels, David Rodriguez, Butters Stotch, and Bebe Stevens. It's very important!"

"Ok!" Strong Woman responded.

"Thank you so much. You are a very Strong Woman. Buh-bye!" PC Principal finished the call.

(next part will come soon, and take place around 3pm that same day)
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Kung Fu Ferret

The Legendary Tanuki
Next time on this ambitious yet incredibly weird crossover between two entirely different animated series that I totally love:

Officer Barbrady welcomes two new recruits from Japan in order to raise Digimon awareness. A former foe of the 2002 Digidestined who tried to conquer the Digital World, but with the help of his true Digimon partner, realized the error of his ways and joined the forces of good!

If you were guessing Ken Ichijoji and Wormmon, then you are absolutely right!

Kung Fu Ferret

The Legendary Tanuki
January 7, 2021 3:45 PM Mountain Standard Time
Near Stark Pond, South Park, Colorado

Officer Barbrady of the South Park police was giving Ken Ichijoji and Wormmon a tour of South Park. Suddenly... Ken's D-Terminal received a notification.
Wormmon was a green insect Digimon resembling an enormous caterpillar.
"Well, then... This is Stark Pond, a very popular place for locals to go for romantic walks. Do you have a wife at home, Mr. Ich... Sorry, can I just call you Ken?" Officer Barbrady said.

"Sure..." Ken responded. "Hold on.. I got a text!"

"Oh? I wonder who it's from. It's not from Yolei, is it?" Wormmon exclaimed.

"Who's Yolei?" Barbrady asked, suggetively. "Your girlfriend?" Barbrady winked suggestively.

"Actually... Yolei is my wife's name. And she wasn't the one who sent this." Ken replied

"It's from Kari. It says to meet her at Stark Pond to help train a new team of Digidestined." Ken summarized the message. "Hey, Barbrady... Can you stop the car and let us out right here? This is Stark Pond, you said... right? Tell the chief that Wormmon and I will be back later for Digimon sensitivity training."

Officer Barbrady did as Ken requested.
"One last question, Ken-doll. Isn't Kari the name of that new kindergarten teacher at South Park elementary?" He asked.

"Please don't call me that. And also, yes. She's a former Digidestined like my self." Ken answered.

Ken zipped up his jacket, and opened up the passenger side door, with Wormmon sitting on his shoulder.

Kari was waiting on the bench, with Gatomon sitting on her lap.
Ken sat down next to her, Wormmon shivering a bit, not used to the bitter cold Colorado winter.
"Hey, Ken. Thanks for coming." Kari said. "The school bus should drop off eight new Digidestined any minute now."
Eight pairs of little eyes were patiently waiting in the bushes for their new partners.

At 3:50 PM, Stan, Kyle, Wendy, David, Nichole, Bebe, Butters, and Cartman got off the bus.

"I wonder what this is all about." Stan said to his friends.
"I think it's totally lame that we have to do some project or whatever after school." Cartman moaned.
"Well, I don't wanna get grounded, and I don't want detention either. Because then I'll be double grounded." Butters said.
"My brother's new teacher said something about use being chosen to save this... Digital World... place?" Kyle said

Kari and Ken got up from the bench.

"Greetings, new Digidestined." Wormmon said, cheerfully.
Gatomon signaled towards a nearby bush, and eight In-Training level Digimon darted towards their respective partners.
Viximon to Bebe, Wanyamon to Stan, Pinamon to Butters, Moonmon to Wendy, Kyokyomon to Kyle, Gigimon to Cartman, Budmon to Nichole, and Puroromon to David.
"Meet your Digimon partners. The fates of two worlds are lying in your hands." Kari said. "Now check your pockets in 3...2..1."
The eight children each received a Digivice.
"Those are your Digivices. They may look the same as each other, but they are individually designed for you and your Digimon partners." Ken explained. "And before you ask.. No, you cannot trade them with each other."

Suddenly, a large, red Stag Beetle Digimon jumped from the trees. This was Kuwagamon.

Kari gasped.
"This wasn't part of the plan today, children!"

Ken smirked.
"But it is now. Your Digimon will protect you. It may not seem like it, but there is a power hidden within both of you that can help them grow stronger."
Suddenly, the eight Digivices started vibrating and began to glow in a white light.
This was the light of Digivolution!
Puroromon Digivolve to FanBeemon! Budmon Digivolve to Lalamon! Gigimon Digivolve to Guilmon! Kyokyomon Digivolve to Ryudamon! Moonmon Digivolve to Lunamon! Pinamon Digivolve to Falcomon! Wanyamon Digivolve to Gaomon! Viximon Digivolve to Renamon!

"Did anybody else hear that?" David asked.
"Hear what?" Bebe responded.
"It sounded like a guitar riff." Wendy replied
"I heard it, too!" Nichole exclaimed.

The eight newly Digivolved Rookie Digimon charged towards their crimson adversary.

"Double Backhand!" Gaomon attacked, spinning like a miniature tornado, punching Kuwagamon.

"Rock Breaker!" Guilmon attacked, its arms blazing and bashing Kuwagamon on the head.

"Ninja Blade!" Falcomon attacked, throwing three shuriken at Kuwagamon's midsection.

"Gear Stinger!" FanBeemon attacked by shooting three projectiles from its abdomen at Kuwagamon.

"Seed Blast!" Lalamon spat 2 furious rounds of large seeds towards Kuwagamon, all of them hiting.

"Tearing Shot!' Lunamon summoned a blast of water from its forehead to douse Kuwagamon.

"Diamond Storm!" Renamon jumped into the air, unleashing a barrage of projectiles at the large stag beetle

"Katana Attack!" Ryudamon spat out a small katana sword at Kuwagamon.

Kuwagamon was defeated, and disappeared into data.

"Great job!" Gatomon exclaimed!" "You are almost ready to go to the Digital World!"

"But before you go, your and your Digimon need to bond with each other for just a little bit long." Ken added. "See you on Monday morning!"

(The next part will be coming soon)
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