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Introduction again?


like electricity
It's Mhals. Feel free to continue to call me that.

I changed my name, as you can see, but it's still me~ (Hehe, rhyme.) My name actually was originally like this, but a friend of mine started calling me Mhals and it was nice, so I called myself Mhals when I first registered here.

I feel like Mhaladie is more... uh... something, though, like it's my real name (even though it isn't, my real name's Elizabeth) and also it leaves more room for people to give me other nicknames if they so choose. Because really the only thing anyone's thought of for Mhals is Mhalsy, and um... yeah, I'm not really sure what I'm rambling about this for either, but I like hearing the (figurative) sound of my own voice, so I will ramble if I want to!

Also: Welcome back TCoD forums, I've missed you for the little bit that you've been down. :3

Kai Lucifer

A traveller on the winds of time
Mhals! Another who posted frequently in Dannichu's Art Thread! And If my memory retains, you had a "Art Thread?" Aswell. Will you be re-making that?

Welcome. Again.


like electricity
I did indeed have an "Art Thread?" which I'lll definitely definitely remake. I was considering having a more creative title but then I realized that might make people actually think that I'm clever or something and WE DON'T WANT THAT OH NO~

Yay, thanks for the, uh, welcome back. :D


Tragically unbeyachted.

I miss our art threads~

And I'll stop whining about it now because at least the forums are back up so we don't have to use DA :D


emotionless and cold as ice
Good afternoon Mhals! You welcome my back, I welcome yours! Or something like that. D:

Isn't your avatar the cat from Kiki's Delivery Service? I loved that movie when I was little.

Art forum needs revived. True that.


like electricity
Hehe, I think my avatar is a pretty good, uh, symbol for what I'm like, too. "HAY LOOK GUYS ITS ME! LULZ ISN'T THAT FUNNY?? :D"
...Only... not quite? XD

I miss our art threads too but we can put them back and it will be good. And I am so happy that we don't have to use dA for messaging anymore because ROAR it ate my messages. ; ;

Guess what Spaekle you are amazing because you ALWAYS are posting at the same time as me (in my art thread, here...) so I end up missing your post and I have to edit mine. Hehe. But yeah, it's the cat from Kiki's Delivery Service. I love that movie. <3

Need art threads back you are so right.


Tragically unbeyachted.
I love your blinkiecat. The all your other LJ ones (especially Vitani~)
I need to hunt down my old avvie, because this one is adorable, but it doesn't blink.
I uploaded the first Raine icon I found because I couldn't stand being on here without one.

Of course I'm not talking about me in your thread. That would be plain rude.


like electricity
Woah, everyone is changing their names slightly. o.O

Well, I mean, I think I'll be able to handle it as long as people keep their little under-their-name-things explaining what their old name was there for a while, until I get used to it. I've never talked to you either, Espeon, but now I haaaave, hiiii~

I love my Vitani avatar too, but I always don't want to use it because I'm afraid then people will think I'm angry or something, because it's kind of an angry avatar... I just use it for all my dreamposts on LJ. XD

And no worries, Dannichu, I talk about myself wherever I post, I think that I'm pretty much incapable of talking about anything other than myself, and then I feel dumb but I post anyway. (See, I mean, look how many times I've said "I" in this paragraph alone. If that isn't self-centered I don't know what is. XD)



Yeah, I slightly changed my name... I chopped the "Lunar" part off of it. Uh, yeah. That's slight? Isn't it? 8D;;

*Stares at hypnotic blinking cat*