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Is PBR Worth Buying?

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I'm getting my Wii sometime next month and I want to get Mario Kart Wii and PBR but I only have enough for one right now and I'm afraid if I get MKW that PBR will be discontinued and I just hate buying games from Gamestop without the cast. So should I get it because I like battling but I like racing too.

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From what I've seen Pokemon Battle Revolution is... lacking. There's nothing to really do besides battle... And the online play doesn't have any options for rules and such, it's barebones.


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I agree. SSBB.
Come back to PBR later if you want the extra items you can mystery gift, but it's not a really big priority.
No. PBR is a waste of money, the only good things about it are the 3 special Pokemon and random battling online. Once you finish it, you'll most likely never play it again. If the only thing you like about Pokemon is the battling, then go ahead. Otherwise, Get Mario Kart, or Brawl. Or hell, even some other good Wii game, there are plenty.


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Skip it.

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My brother had a weird concept of doing things now so we already have the game... without the Wii. He said that this way we can just play it as soon as the Wii is set up. I didn't get it but at least we don't have to make a trip to Wal-Mart and have that butterfly trip on the way home.

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He already has SSBB, he just said so.

I like it, personally, but if it has to come down to a decision then I'd just go with Mario Kart. It can be fun but it's not like you're missing the game of a lifetime or anything.


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PBR is not a bad game, but Mario Kart is a better game and also very fun too. PBR is good only if you plan to battle on Wifi with your friends. ^^;

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If you have Diamond/Pearl, then yes. Otherwise NO WAY. PBR is useless on its own, with no Pokemon-uploading and so forth.

As the other guys said, it's just battling and nothing else whatsoever, so if you want anything more, avoid like plague.
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But... PBR is fun, and I like more than battling ;.;

Anyways, it only concentrates on battling, with some rewards. However, the battles can be unique*. I have yet to try Mario Kart Wii yet, though, so I am not a good person to listen to

*Yeah, I had a few other words I would rather use for Neon Colosseum, but Unique is the only one that isn't a swear/a string of swears


Is PBR worth it's current price tag? I wouldn't say so. Once it reaches the "Greatest Hits," or...in Nintendo's case, "Fans' Choice" price tag, I would say give it a shot. It's fun, I enjoyed it, and I've always been favorable to 3D Pokemon battling. ^_^;


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To me it was worth the money. I had a lot of fun with it. I also have gotten several things off of it: The Surf using Pikachu, Magmortar, Electrivire, TM02 Dragon Claw. I also intend on using it to get some rare berries. If you can wait for the price to go down, buy it once it isn't as expensive.
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