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Johto Mafia (now featuring a player list)

Not Meowth

Cat, are you drilling?
Though Team Rocket is no more in the Kanto region, elsewhere the organisation still thrives. Three years later, the Johto faction emerges, and is determined to bring the Rockets back to their former glory- with violent force if necessary.

THE MAFIA - Team Rocket

Archer - leader of the Johto faction of Team Rocket. Sends the GM a kill target each night.
Proton - executive overseeing the operation at Slowpoke's Well. May feed a Slowpoketail to a player of his choice each night, healing them.
Petrel - Team Rocket's resident master of disguise. Once during the game he may disguise the corpse of Team Rocket's kill target, and their alignment will be announced as Team Rocket at daybreak.
Ariana - executive in charge of the scheme at Team Rocket headquarters. Due to the sound waves being produced by the HQ's macinery, reaching the other executives using communication devices is impossible, so she may not discuss privately with her faction; also, Team Rocket do not know who she is and vice versa. At any time during the day phase she may explode one of the Electrodes at the base with the command Selfdestruct (player), killing them but also taking herself down with them.
Grunts - vanilla goons. May not be used depending on how many players there are.

THE INNOCENTS - Gym Leaders, E4, trainers

Falkner - Flying-type specialist of Violet City Gym. Each night he may command his Pidgeotto to use Mud-slap on a ploayer, giving their action a 50% chance to fail.
Bugsy - somewhat androgynous gym leader of Azalea City and keen researcher on Bug-type Pokémon. During the night he may put his research skills to use by finding out the alignment of another player.
Whitney - an easily-upset trainer with an infamously resilient Miltank. If she is targeted by a killing role she will cry uncontrollably until they leave her alone.
Morty - in his determination to meet the legendary Ho-oh, Morty has trained himself spiritually to see that which others may not. Each night he may PM a single statement made by any player the previous day to the GM and find out whether they were lying.
Chuck - a martial artist obsessed with training every hour Arceus sends. Now Team Rocket are rising to power, he's looking for any excuse to put his might to good use. Each night he may kill a player of his choice.
Jasmine - a shy yet kindly woman who runs Olivine Gym and also cares for the Ampharos who powers the lighthouse in her home city. Recently, Amphy has fallen ill, and needs Secretpotion to recover; however, Jasmine has made the very difficult decision to use the Secretpotion in the fight against Team Rocket, and hope whatever's left will be enough to save Amphy. Luckily the medicine is very strong, so each night she may use a portion of it to heal a player of her choice. However the medicine carries a strict warning that whoever takes it must not do so directly after eating; if the target eats a Slowpoketail on the same night they are dosed with Secretpotion, they will die. Also, if Silver steals her power and gives Secretpotion to the same target as her on the same night, that target will overdose and die.
Pryce - a wise old man and a veteran trainer who has been training Ice Pokémon for over fifty years. Each night he may freeze a player with Ice Beam, blocking their night action but also preventing them from posting the next day. (Falkner's action supersedes this; i.e. if Falkner targets Pryce and vice-versa, Falkner's action will go through and Pryce's will have 50% accuracy.)
Clair - the most senior of Johto's Gym Leaders and an expert dragon master. She is very close to her cousin and fellow dragon master, Lance, and each night she may choose a player who she will kill out of grief if Lance dies that night.
Will - a Psychic-type Elite Four member with a rather erratic appearance. Each night he may ask the GM any yes or no question as long as it does not directly reveal a player's role or alignment.
Koga - previously a Kanto Gym Leader, Koga has now been promoted to the Elite Four. He can use his ninja stealth to follow a player each night and see who they target.
Bruno - retaining his position in the Kanto Elite Four, Bruno's tremendous bulk still comes in handy. Each night he may choose to protect any player, absorbing any killing action directed at them. If Bruno himself is killed, he dies as normal, and the person he was protecting is left vulnerable.
Karen - Dark-type master and final member of the Elite Four. Each night, she may command her Umbreon to use Confuse Ray on a player of her choice, randomising the target of their action.
Lance - with Red training at Mt Silver, Lance is left as champion in his stead. He is very close to his cousin and fellow dragon master, Clair, and each night he may choose a player who he will kill out of grief if Clair dies that night.
Silver - a young, red-haired rogue who steals and mistreats his Pokémon, believing strength is all that matters. Once during the game he may steal a Pokémon from a player, and in doing so adopt their role. He will not be told the nature of that role however, only what Pokémon he stole. Also, due to his shady nature, he will appear to be Team Rocket if inspected by Bugsy.
Youngster Joey - rather cocky youth who has a pretty awesome Rattata and doesn't care who knows it. On the first night he may target any player, and the GM will pass on a message to that player bragging about his awesome Rattata, and in doing so confirming his role to that player.
Youngsters Who Aren't Joey - though they share Joey's all-encompassing love of shorts, their Rattata are nothing special, so they have no particular abilities.
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Hee hee.

Question. Is it possible for someone to eat a slowpoketail after drinking the secretpotion or whatever? If yes, does it have the same effect? (death)
Hee hee.

Question. Is it possible for someone to eat a slowpoketail after drinking the secretpotion or whatever? If yes, does it have the same effect? (death)

Yeah, eating a Slowpoketail and taking Secretpotion on the same night means death whatever order they come in. The whole "no secretpotion after eating" thing was just flavour.
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