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Just another drop in the flood


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Hey everybody. I'm not a returning member, I'm new to TCoD. I'm not new to forums and I'm not exactly new to Pokémon, though my heyday in the fandom was a few years ago. I forget how many... must be around four or five now. Jeez, time does fly. In case any of you remember me (very unlikely), I went by Isis over on coughserebiicough. I also helped to run a little (and I mean little) forum called Insanity Forums, which seems to have spawned off Pokémon Nation after fading away into oblivion.

I've gotten way out of the Pokémon fandom in the past few years. I didn't play Diamond or Pearl until very recently (very recently), and it seems to have rekindled a long dead fire.

I'm into a lot of science fiction, most notably Star Trek, I love psychedelic and progressive rock (The Grateful Dead and Yes most notably at the moment, though there are many many others), rock history, and the Internet in general. I'm currently living in Toronto, Canada, and have done so since I was born. It's all but impossible to summarize my entire person in one post, so I'll leave it at that.

So I shall take my nightmare-inducing icon and shuffle along on my merry way.


painting on a pre-made canvas~

Since I know you and all I'll skip the pleasantries and just welcome you to TCoD forums. :3 CUE WELCOMING CREW.

Shadow Serenity

Returned again. Third time's the charm.
Hey, you're the second person I met in the last hour who likes Star Trek! :D

Anyways, welcome to our little under-construction home. ^^


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Meeting Trekkies is not hard to do on the Internet. We are an infestation and we're spreading.

Shadow Serenity

Returned again. Third time's the charm.
We are? I'm contageous!! WOO!!

Well, I've never met anyone else who does, other then my dad. XD And now, tonight, I've met two more. :o

I'm watching DS9 right now, hehe.


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The geek shall inherit the Earth!

My entire family is a bunch of Trekkies, aside from my little brother, but he's an idiot.

Surprisingly enough, I'm also watching DS9. By Inferno's Light, to be specific. such a good episode.

Shadow Serenity

Returned again. Third time's the charm.
I missed the title of this one. >.<

It's one I haven't seen before. Well, honestly, I haven't seen too many DS9 episodes, since they're on at 2:00 am here. It's about a species called the Tosk, or something.


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They don't air them here, so far as I can tell. Space airs every series except DS9. Strangely enough, they air Enterprise three times as much as any other Trek series.

The Quicker Picker-Upper

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What about Dune? ;-;

Eh, anyways, hellos! Since I feel like being a complete jerk, I'm going to bring back a long dead joke and warn you to watch out for the welcome mat. It can (and will) bite.

Shadow Serenity

Returned again. Third time's the charm.
Enterprise was the most popular of the series, I believe, so I'm not too surprised. Voyager was good though. The ending was particularly interesting (and no, not because it meant the series was over :P ).

Here in Florida, they stopped showing Enterprise on one channel, but continue to show the others. It's on a different channel now, though only on Mondays.


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Enterprise was almost universally hated by the fans. o.o It was also the shortest running series, aside from TOS (though TOS had six movies). It only had four seasons, whereas TNG, DS9, and Voyager had seven apiece.

I didn't particularly care for Voyager. I didn't like any of the characters besides The Doctor (though I really did like him. Pity he wasn't on another show XD). It was alright. I know a bunch of people who like it a lot. I haven't seen most of it, though. I haven't actually made it the whole way through TNG or DS9 yet. I'll watch it once I'm done with my first-choice Trek material. XD


Anything but unremarkable
Welcome and well come.

Enjoy your stay, however long,
And meanwhile, listen to this song.

Welcome to t-C-o-D,
Where we eat cod and drink mint tea,
And everyone is, to an extent, happy,
Under the leadership of Butterfree.

We'll talk about stuff, like Pokémon,
We'll play random games, and sing random songs,
I hope your stay is rather long,
For this is a place for everyone.

But to commemorate what is lost,
A slight change in tone of verse,
Pokémon and humans mourn all around
As we carry the old forums' hearse,

And although what was great has passed,
We can rise again, you see,
It'll take a bit of work, but we can do it, for
We are tCoD!!!

Shadow Serenity

Returned again. Third time's the charm.
Oh really? It always seemed like the most popular series, to me.

Which one was TOS? It's (obviously) not aired here, so I can't think of the full name. :P

None of Voyager's characters stand out too much, yeah. I like Tuvok though. And I will admit, considering the overall plot of the series, there sure were a large number of episodes that had nothing to do with anything.

I haven't seen any series all the way. I think Voyager comes closest, since it airs 2 episodes in a row every day, but every once in a while I catch one that I haven't seen before. Like I said, DS9 is only aired once a day (2 am), so I've seen very few of those. And I haven't seen many of the earlier Enterprise episodes, but I got really into it later on, so I saw a lot of the last few seasons.

Edit: Ah, there's Castform, and with a new verse to the song! :o


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Oooh a song! :D

TOS is The Original Series. It's just called Star Trek, but to avoid confusion everyone refers to it as TOS or The Original Series.

I'm coughdownloadingcough and buying DVDs of my episodes, so I have them on demand.


Shadow Serenity

Returned again. Third time's the charm.
Ohh. XD That explains why I never heard of it. Haha, wow I feel dumb now. XP

Haha, I was gonna make a comment about that too. No more introductions, Star Trek, NOW! XD