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Kanto Mafia

Not Meowth

Cat, are you drilling?
SO I haven't done a non-secret-roles mafia in a while. So, this.
14 players needed minimum, but more would be great. (Gary can be dropped if we're strapped for players since everyone hates aliens :v)

THE MAFIA (Team Rocket)

- mafia don. Sends Team Rocket's kill target each night. Since the other Gym Leaders think he's just a normal Gym Leader as well, he appears innocent to inspectors.

Grunts - ordinary rank-and-file of Team Rocket. Have no special powers, but one will be elevated to the rank of Don should Giovanni die.

THE INNOCENTS (Gym Leaders/Elite 4/Trainers)

- can command his Onix to protect any player each night, making them impossible to kill.

Misty - lives near Cerulean Cape on Route 25, a good place for dates. On the first night she chooses one player to take to this spot, and the two will become lovers. If one dies, so does the other; the two win if they are the only players left alive. They can also discuss privately out of thread, even during the night.

Lt. Surge - can command his Raichu to zap a player with Thunder Wave each night, preventing them from performing their night action.

Erika - can heal a player each night.

Koga - can use his ninja sneakiness to follow a player each night and see who they target.

Sabrina - can use her psychic powers to ask the GM any yes/no question each night, as long as it doesn't directly reveal a target's alignment or role.

Blaine - being an intelligent old man all obsessed with trivia quizzes and stuff, Blaine can research one player each night and discern their alignment.

Lorelei - can command her Lapras to freeze a player with Ice Beam each night; that player will be unable to post until they thaw the next night. Night actions will still be usable.

Bruno - his muscular physique prevents him from being killed by anything other than lynching.

Agatha - can target a dead player each night and ask their ghost which players targeted them during the game.

Lance - at night he can command his Dragonite to kill one player with Hyper Beam. Due to its need to recharge, however, he can only do this every other night.

Youngsters - though their rattata are in the top percentage, there's nothing else at all interesting about these trainers.


Gary Oak
- Gary's lifelong dream was to become the Pokémon League Champion, and he's finally made it. But he won't take falling from this position very kindly. If hit by a killing role, he will be activated, and if he is then lynched, he will kill every other player. Blaine will find him to be mafia if he has been activated.
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neither simple, nor coherent.
... I was confused

because i totally did kanto mafia first!! name-stealer!!!

... /joins

eta: "(Gary can be dropped if we're strapped for players since everyone hates aliens :v)" SHUT UP!!!! ; ;