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Least Favorite Pokemon


Team MCPE13 Leader
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My least favorite Pokemon is Wobbuffet. God, I hate this thing, I used to kind of like it because he's kind of funny in the anime, but now, after what it's done to me, I HATE it!

A long time ago, I had a 208 win streak on the Battle Tower in Pokemon Sapphire that I lost because my Wobbuffet with Leftovers got stuck against another Wobbuffet (also holding Leftovers) and it was an endless battle. I tried for literally 8 hours straight, no eating or drinking in between, to solve this endless "battle" but I finally gave in and realized it was a de facto softlock and I was left with no recourse but to turn off the game and watch my 208-win-streak fly out the window.

That is why I hate Wobbuffet so much, it is completely useless if it's on my team both if it's my Pokemon or if it's my partner in a raid battle (looking at you Cabbie Alfie you dead-weight-loss-causing-buffoon!!!) but if you're fighting against it, it's a nightmare!

On too many occasions, I have encountered a Wynaut or a Wobbuffet in a Nuzlocke. That means I can't flee from it or switch due to its Shadow Tag ability, so I have to KO it by chipping it down little by little to avoid too much damage from Counter/Mirror Coat. But I also have to make sure when I do KO it, it doesn't use Destiny Bond. It's horrible and has resulted in the deaths of many of my Pokemon because I happen to get a critical hit that doesn't knock it out. It's vile! Go watch some of my Nuzlocke videos on YouTube to potentially see an example.

Also, Wobbuffet's gender difference is stupid. The female is wearing LIPSTICK!!! Eeeewwww!!! That is SO gross and uncreative. Disgusting! Why did they put hideous lipstick on Wobbuffet?

Sorry, I rambled on too long, feel free to share your least favorites below.


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The Favorite Pokémon Picker says it's Dragalge and honestly, it's close to that position. Dragalge's more gross looking than cool and something about it feels sinister and not in a good way.
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