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Let's Play Pokemon 'Diamond' - Keitai Denjuu Telefang


Witch of Light
So a life tree... First the thing about causing horror with a life-y thing made me think of Something from X/Y, but then I realized he was talking about messing with a world tree.
And it supports two worlds, eh? You know, there's nine worlds in Norse mythology, but two are underground and five are on ground level. ...Is the E-monster world Alfheim?

I'm just making it weirder.


Miror B FTW!
No, the e-monster world is too weird for myths to comprehend.

Part Thirty-Eight: The island, again
Or visiting the one square we haven't been before which contains a whole giant maze, of course.


I have felt strange since this game started.

Liz Island Theme

More e-waves here again? =/

I didn't say anything. I also don't recall seeing a temple...

Well, I guess that's our cue.

No, not you.

I know the song 'Stop calling me'!

I wish you fell down a well.

So it's not a field, but you still gained points? Go back to your formerly deformed tree.

There's always a whinger, isn't there?

Well, let's make the dash to our destination.

Hey, come to think of it, wasn't there a guy standing here before, blocking our path?

What a lousy looking temple.

Interior decoration 101.

Lab Theme

Oh hey, more bald guy people!

I don't see any books.

Oh hey, it's a dodo. With spikes.

Standard sort of team here. Let's try and get that dodo by knocking it out last.

Oh yeah.

This might be a problem. Maybe we'll worry about that when we have someone else in the 50s to fight the level 50 monsters.

I love WARATA's non-sequitur there.

Given it survived a super-effective - I mean, injure increase attack from Not-Sandslash, it's not bad! Just not great either.

Likewise, it took off over half of old-man BANGUP's health here. (In hindsight, that phrase is terrible). But it is at a higher level...

Good work, you did something of use.

Well, at least I don't have to worry too much about him.


One more and the fight is in the bag for me.

Seeing he's going to do similar sort of damage as BANGUP, might as well use a status attack!

...This is terrible in hindsight.

Now we have a sitting, sleeping... thing to aim at!

Oh no you don't!


Grumble grumble. Sometimes the AI just likes to be a douche.

That's more like it.


That's not going to help much. Nor be particularly painful.

Well, except for you.


Very good.

Very rude.

Right. So, we have a standard lab maze here. Luckily there's no teleporting panels, or really any tricks to this place. It's just a messy maze full of dead ends and battles, and the downside is that isn't terribly interesting in of itself.

But look at this lil' guy!

Big on defense.

A lost strategy there.

Just to show how little firepower the other guys have, particularly poor WARATA. At least you tried.

That was all there was to see from that stairway. Well, at least it's one stairway down!

I think it heard about our Propelle.

O...ouch. Yeah, WARATA is out when we get a third e-monster.

So close!

Minimal healing moves! They really are kind of pointless in this game in the vast majority of cases.

Alas, he did not want to be our friend.

Now, for the route just to the north of the first one we took!


Oh yeah, and the remaining choice leads to 23290 dead ends. Cooool.

And plenty of battles too. Why is there a giant hole in the middle of this room in a building though...?

It's me!

Okay, now let's maybe try and get a dodo-


Well okay then.

Yep, last we'll see this guy battling for us.

That little hat though!

How boring.

That level up provided all the difference.


Huh, how useful of you! WAMITE is trying to stick in the team.

What is with everyone and using DEFEND?

Oh, okay.

Now we can focus on the killer pony.

No, don't miss.

Are you deaf?

Much more like it.

So much to remember.

Now to battle the other dude-oh look, a giant pit.

Bek accidentally the giant pit.

Could you at least give Bek a bandage?

Okay, now we'll get the dodo.

Too bad, we already have a pony.

One-sided atm!

So close...

Well done!

Sorry, but I'm still going to ditch you.

BORUTAMA-err, the dodo's choice of using the charge up special move on the monster it can hardly damage in the first place confused killer pony too much.

It's okay.

There was another one of them anyway.


And here we can note that Killer Pony is actually not so killer any more! Other stuff has started evolving and/or leveling up decently by now. On the flip side, the dodo is semi-bulky, I suppose.

Even more so now.

Getting there.

Dang again.


He just went again... and did a whole seven damage. Uh.

Good enough!

That was fun.

What is a moving?

Now, we fell down, so we are... here. Wherever that may be.

Hmm, a singular pot.

Go away, there's a pot.

Well, not anymore I guess.

Hmm, this way...?

...or that way? Sigh. Let's pick next time. [/hide]

nothing to see here

...probably not posting here too much anymore.
So a spiky hippo is a dodo, and spiky dolphin/narwhal/something (...I think the lowest form of this one sorta looked more like a flying spiky stingray? not quite so ray-shaped in its later forms though) is a bird, apparently. XD

That kinda reminds me of some of my odd misinterpretations of some sprites in video games when I was a lot younger. Unfortunately I can't remember any off the top of my head now (except taking *forever* to realize what the "Bob the Hamster head" symbol included in the OHRRPGCE's default font was--for years I was like "what the heck is this weird thing?" whenever I noticed it. XD)


Miror B FTW!
So a spiky hippo is a dodo, and spiky dolphin/narwhal/something (...I think the lowest form of this one sorta looked more like a flying spiky stingray? not quite so ray-shaped in its later forms though) is a bird, apparently. XD

That kinda reminds me of some of my odd misinterpretations of some sprites in video games when I was a lot younger. Unfortunately I can't remember any off the top of my head now (except taking *forever* to realize what the "Bob the Hamster head" symbol included in the OHRRPGCE's default font was--for years I was like "what the heck is this weird thing?" whenever I noticed it. XD)
Yeah, I just cannot not see BORUTAMA as a bird-like thing, so a dodo it is back from my childhood days! Sure, the hippo form fits with its typing, but... no matter how I look at it, it looks way too weird to be a hippo because of its rounded form. it doesn't help that it seems to only have two legs (more so its middle evolution though), and only the jaw being hippo-like! Plus I figure that at this point, calling things by the first initial appearance is oddly fitting for Telefang, because you can't comprehend this engrish version to begin with. :V

Meanwhile, the spiky dolphin/etc thing does evolve from a more bird-looking thing that is type sky, so I decided to just stick to calling it that than guess that what animal it really is based on (I couldn't find a straight answer way back when I looked it up). Spikes with an animal attached, I suppose. Besides, Bek doesn't know anything beyond baseball anyway =p


Witch of Light
Is "curled up armadillo bug with spikes, a skinny hippo head and bird legs attached to its shell" a valid description?

nothing to see here

...probably not posting here too much anymore.
Yeah, most of the game's monsters are "features from several species" sorts of things it seems. Not sure where you're getting "bug" from, but "round spiky armored hippo with bird legs" sounds about right.

There's no curled-up shell though... they just have a really round body. The actually Japanese name for the last one in the evolution line is basically "Balltamus." As in, ball + hippopotamus. XD

They also apparently have one of those "weird Japanese anime/manga speaking quirk" things where they add "hippo" onto the end of their sentences. So I'm pretty sure they were going for mostly hippo with these, with the other features mostly added in to make them a weird monster rather than... just a pink/red cartoon hippo.


Oh, and I remembered one of the sprites I misinterpreted when I was younger, though not quite when I was a little kid... Mawile. When I first saw Mawile, I had only seen it from the front (and I'm fairly sure it was in a low-quality screenshot rather than in-game) and I interpreted it as some sort of monsterized version of those big machines with the scooper "mouth" on the front that could bend down to scoop up dirt and such and move it. Which made sense to me at the time, considering it was Steel type and all. I had Sapphire to start with so I never saw the back sprite (where the actual face/body is clearer) or Pokédex entries that made things clearer until a while after that. XD


Witch of Light
Not sure where you're getting "bug" from, but "round spiky armored hippo with bird legs" sounds about right.
I meant armadillo bug as in that critter that curls up into a tiny ball, Whirlipede-style, but is actually a crustacean that managed to shorecrawl while still having gills. Those things exist.


Miror B FTW!
Part Thirty-Nine: Temple Adventures and Battles Galore
Or wandering around some more and talking to RESEARCH.


Let's take a third option.

Hi, random encounter! Alas, the battle was short lived. Let's just beat up this guy here. Hope you guys like battles!

Looks like it has cancer.

One of these is not like the other~


So is that.

So is that. Thanks for wasting your time!

That's more like it, killer pony.

Sure, it's super effective, but still not a bad hit!

AI is being kinda dumb right now.

And that was completely wasted too.


Well, that's one less problem.


The loudest hippo-bird-like thing.

How uneventful.

Why? You have two of their numbers anyway!

It was pointed out that BORUTAMA is not a dodo, which is true (it is based on a hippo). But child me looked at its line and saw more of a bird rather than a hippo, and thus it was a dodo that lives in water. Hey, it made sense for this game! And I still say it doesn't look much like a hippo to me.

This though

it's a thing with cancer.

He mentioned me? Cool. Nice to know that jerks who turn up to laugh at Bek for letting devil e-monsters run right past him then goes and tells other people about this.

Whelp, we know what that means:

I don't like any of these.

Killer pony sure is ignoring a lot this time around. =/

At least they can't hit too hard.



So close!

Could he perhaps see something and also do something about it?

Well, that... helps.


A dangerous customer.

Something... isn't right here.


Okay, it did more damage than killer pony. That doesn't make sense.

Oh, I'm okay with this.

Yes, that's how you do it.



Just a bit more! (And now they did the same amount of damage?)


Well... yes. Quite. Hurrah for pointless dead-end rooms!

This sure is a maze alright. I maintain that this is still far better than that darn mountain.

I maybe have thing-intention.

'What?' is my response.

This is true. It's just that it doesn't help me, nor make sense.

See what I mean?


Huh, you don't jump at me to cause a battle?

Well, okay. Carry on then.

What a nice guy.

What obnoxious rooms.

This map means I'm nearly back at the start.

A sensible piece of dialogue!

Cool, this guy.

Otherwise though I suppose it is a standard lineup...


He recovered straight away, but that's still annoying!

Keep it up.

Kinda ineffective.

And that's... even more so.


If only I had two of you.

Wow that's also pretty weak.


You're weird and slow, but at least you're dependable.

Oh dear.


>Critical hit
>32 damage


Battles like these would be far faster if I had three competent monsters...

Pony! Remember it?

And we're back here, where I fell down the hole last update.


Huh? I beat him, not the other way around. It's just that Bek likes to allow people and devils to run off.

Sure looks stoned.

A more varied team here.

This one can inflict the afraid status, so it needs to go first.

Gotta go fast.


Cleaning up as usual.

A speed and defense buff, I see.

Sit still for a while then.


Oh no you don't.

Let's skip to the end:

That was fun!

That's kinda cool.

Alright, let's go up.

Two paths?

Oh. Well sure, there's no treasure and a dead end there, but


I like that he's talking to his monsters he hasn't called yet.

Not-Sandslash only likes two of these.

And it isn't you!


Oh, boosting your defense. That's alright.

Good, that's a start.


Water fight, with teeth.


(lost). That's more like it.

Good, don't attack Not-Sandslash.

Standard exchange.


Thank goodness you did that on him at least...

Take that, defense boost.

Aw yeah

I always do.

Too late.

This'll be easy.

See? 255 is the maximum damage one can deal, by the way.

Following the magic of the STONE:



No, really. Not all pots do this, but if you need more money...

Just got to be careful with where you throw them as the diamonds can go out of the room, bleh.

If only I didn't already have a filled wallet.


Oh, that's better. As long as you listen more.

That's pretty cool.

Yep, pots respawn as well when you go revisit the room. I don't understand this setup though.




Really, game?

Do you want me to like you for asking that question?



I liked how I timed this screenshot.

I don't see him nearby...

The team? Three HERIOPS! AH HA HA.

They have a weird sprite.



That's a start...

Great, this may take some time.

Why do they keep saying burning?

Fight fire with fire. Or afraid with afraid. Or eyes, with... shouting.

Thank goodness their attack sucks!


I guess being bitten might give you a burning sensation?

Or do you just want to burn things?

No, HERIOPS, fire is bad.

Notice the change in Not-Sandslash's health bar.

Now notice that change.

That's not quite the same level...

But going twice in a row helps. I guess it still has that going for it.

The first failure of BORUTA?

And then there was one.

Aw yeah.

Oh hey, there was a RESEARCH. You're free now!

...Oh. Really?

Man, saving people sucks. Even if I win, I'll just stop playing!

(For this update).[/hide]


Miror B FTW!
Part Forty: More Temple Adventures!
Or finding the room and a few more weird monsters.


Last time, we found a guy too lazy to actually leave when I saved him.

Screw that guy.

Bek's natural response to life is to go fall down more holes.

Oh, hi there.

That's nice of you.

Now, back to this fork - let's head the other way.

Oh yes I can.


Let's hope this guy is more reliable than killer pony.

I'm okay with this.

Not with that though.


No, stop that.

Fine, bugger off then.

Taking care of that problem... even when it recovers, it needs to use the special move to continue charging it up.

I like you.



Burn you too.

That was quick.


Nothing else I can do while I wait... It's a pity it doesn't learn any moves like SHOUT or the sort.

That'll help.


Cool, besides the lack of speed.

More RESEARCH folk!

What no

I don't want anybody's fruit.

Wait actually I am kinda hungry now

I'm not eating those!



So magical.

He doesn't have that much HP I suppose...

There, stay still.

Take that!

So close....

*a minute later*

And that's what happened.

So many stairs...


Who arranged this room!?

Well, maybe if I go down these stairs and come back up them, I'll be next to the treasure!

Or... maybe not.

How confusing.

Kind of on-par for this game though.

I can't eat, I don't have any fruit. Just guns and P-cards. :<

Do you want me to visit you in the sea? I remember too much about it.


A sparkly racket.

That's... great.

Sure is a rubbish house.

What a weird looking thing.

Good start.

That was pointless...

Excellent, you're doing just great.


It's somewhat frail too...

As usual...

This is true.

Oh hey, statues! That usually means something.


About baseball, probably.


Let's try him out.


Well that was silly of you.

I really like him.


WARTA is weird.

So many stairs...

Why stairs, why.

Okay, thanks RESEARCH. Are you going to publish this finding?


Garbled, but okay. Some hint as to what is happening. Maybe. Your guess is as good as mine!

Well, it isn't, because I beat this before, but you can pretend otherwise.

No you!

We've seen these guys before, so...

Breaking all the pots.

Huh, one of those evolution cards. In a nice missable spot too.

Time to backtrack!

And level up too.


You can guess what happened next.

And again!


No, don't emulate the killer pony.

Battles are certainly more comfortable now.

Well, it's probably the place.


Oh well, just got to find the key. We can do that, and then retrace our steps here via the map. We'll do that next update, but until then:




Miror B FTW!
Part Forty-One: Grabbin' keys
Or looking at every dead end.


Last time, we found out we need to find a key. Instead we found diamonds in the confusing room.

Good way to start an update!

Oh this is boring, go away.

I don't like how small the map is.... why did they do this?

Well, that's good motivation, I won't deny that.

But you should get some different e-monsters first.


What a tricky puzzle. -_-

Heh, not a bad attempt.

Woo, more questionable evolution permission cards!

Breakin' pots.


Oh, another treasure chest. And statues.

Statues means important stuff, usually.

Unfortunately it doesn't mean tough battles.

Woo! Teleg sucks for him but who cares about that?

And there we go!

But first, let's just see the other dead ends this maze has.

Well, this isn't too helpful.



I just talk to them, and try to save them only to get rejected.

It's a bird on fire, you're scarier than it. Seriously, you have a gun, and a weird body, and tentacles...

Too many birds. =/

That's good.


I guess it doesn't have one...?


This guy doesn't have much health, clearly.

Stop that.

I'm worse off at the moment...

That helps.


Sigh again.

Nearly there.

It sure is.

Whip it~

Yet again, stalling for time...


I still won at least, but three birds are a bugger.

Not bad.

Bek hasn't got time for this.

He has time to talk to useless RESEARCH people though.


Maybe you should just... leave?

Fine, just stand there. I don't need you anyway, I'm fine with this Tsita thing.

Are who in those places? Other birds? Yep, they're kinda knocked out right now.

Dang, it's taunting me.

Which one are you talking about?

What a pointless setup.

Do you really need to ask?


Heh. Hit is nearly in the 100s too!

See all these guys you don't need to battle?

Pity they have repeat setups.


Yes, I fought a lot of you, the end.

Huh, odd arrangement...


At least it had diamonds I don't need?



Right, where else haven't we been?

Huh, neat, a bit of backstory.


I refuse!

That's useful.



I know! I'm just exploring!

A boss fight, probably. There's been a pattern to these things.

Odd place for a dagger...



Ah, so that's what was in the chest.

A rock from the moon.

...I'll just keep this then.

Interestingly, this is a thing that can happen! You need to go to your phone and remove phone numbers if you want to add anyone else.

It's simple, but you need to do it one at a time. =/


Back to the room we go.

Well said! Well enough, anyway.

Hear that, SANABRA?

That's the sound of your pots breaking!

And we're going to break you! Aw yeah



Miror B FTW!
Part Forty-Two: What a nice chap!
Or another boss fight.


Last time, we finally decided to go and take on the boss. Let's do this!

Well, well! Mr. SANABRA.

What's not good for Bek? I guess standing in this room for too long would be unhealthy... no windows, no plants, no food...

Bek isn't happy.

What friend?

No Bek, you're not supposed to actually consider his request.

The birthplace? Huh.

Yes, very nice, Bek. I don't think that's relevant to the conversation though.

Wait who are you

CHAP, eh? Nice name.

What isn't nice is his stats. For us, anyway. He's 10+ levels higher than us.

For comparison, these are the stats of the two guys I'm going with for this fight.


Boss Battle Theme

That's not how you wait!

I was quite lucky there.


Oh dear.

Yes... please, lower my ineffective attack instead of actually attacking us.

We know, game.

This doesn't depend on attack strength at least!

Pretty done minor though...

I think we'll be relying on this strategy.

That was short lived.

I'll have to rely on this, as chipping away 4 HP at a time will not work.

Thanks, dumb AI!


Just keep yelling!

Keep, uh, diverging!

No stop that.

Did being scaled make any difference? @_@

[Be yelling..]

That makes three stat boosts.

Man, I'm really lucking out here at the moment.

This is so slow ugh.



Then he went again! \o/

Five times in a row? Seriously? @_@ AI is being very weird here.

Now to actually do some damage.

Oh yay!

That was a critical hit.

After four stat boosts.

Good, keep doing that.

Chip damage~

Keep going...

This is working better than I expected, but to be fair I have lucked out way too much so far.

Another instance recovery.

And his first attack!

In one hit, he's done more than Not-Sandslash could deal to him with a critical and four attack boosts. That's kind of scary. If he did that against our tentacle GANTSU guy, then it's be a OHKO as well.

Keep on poisoning, and don't get hit!

So close!

~twist and shout~

Too late, CHAP.

Crit mattered.


I will admit this though, it took me three tries for this rather lucky run. Amazed that I beat CHAP with everyone remaining conscious in fact!

I know.

What is a Bek? A miserable pile of baseball?

Oh hey, life tree. That's that thing that was mentioned back in Bamu Sea as a password- and wait, that's where e-monsters are born?

...It's a fitting name, I guess.

Clearly he wants to host a party there.

Nothing? Okay, we believe you. Don't forget to invite us!

You can't tell, but they started flashing indicating they're teleporting away.


You and me, Bek.

A phone call!

Huh, that's convenient.


What a coincidence! But I'd rather he talked about pizza, to be honest.

Yes, more backtracking! I can't wait!!

Stop being ominous, Sungki.

First, let's get out of this forest.


Aw, someone acknowledged us and actually left the building. About time!

I agree. Then we wouldn't have to go in more mazes.

You guys are pretty darn boring.

Back to the normal! If you call this normal anyway.

I wonder though - why did they kidnap everyone there? What is the benefit of staring at this e-monsters in a building to learn about life tree or whatnot? And why not just go inside their homes and stare at them there? This makes no sense.

How rude of SANABRA.

How rude of BUBARI.

That actually sounds kinda cool.

Anyways, on with the backtracking!

Screw the last tree.

Hurrah for minimal shortcuts!

Right, we're here-




Why indeed? I don't understand your point, IKUSOR.

Anyways, time for a story next update, I suppose.


Witch of Light
So scientists that study monsters are bad in this game. No Professor Oak or anything. I guess the experiments they do are cruel or something. Or maybe they are trying to make a weapon. Perhaps the Supernal Monster? Maybe it will escape and go on a rampage in the largest town of the E-monster world!