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level 1 dungeons in md1


right so I decided to complete my md1 file and by "complete" i mean "recruit everything". so far I have everything except kecleon, celebi and the pokémon that you can only get in joyous tower and wish cave. i attempted wish cave a while back with a charizard, alakazam and something else (poliwrath maybe? idr) and got to floor 60-some before i just kept dying too often to want to continue. maybe it's cause i didn't level enough (charizard was level 12 by floor 60) but idk, anyone who has successfully beaten any of the level 1 dungeons have any advice for me on pokémon/items to bring and strats?

1. Luftballon

keep an escape orb around.

uh play *band roguelike; many of the same tactics can be applicable -- the genefal things, not the minutiae of the particular system, that is.

growl is a great move -- at room range, it doubles your exp yield. proceed to hide in a corridor and normal attack things to death. save pp for when needed. use items if possible -- you're going to run out of item slots more frequenly than you're going to learn new moves.

before learning new moves, use all the pp out of the move to be lost. this may require keeping a pokédex open. always ensure you can derive maximum benefit from an item before using it.

fixed damage is your friend, on earlier levels. area attacks are your friend on later levels. gravelerocks are great after a growl. geo pebbles are passable, I guess. blast seeeds are great.

reviver seeds restore pp, too. make sure you run out of pp before having accidents.

um I haven't actually played for some time and that's all I have time to think of right now? but. don't die, that's not usually a good idea.

ed: also 1v1 in corridors are better than open spaces even with partners because partners are kind of stupid. idr if you can switch leaders but in any case, micromanage their move usage. it saves pp.


Not quite e^(-(x-μ)²/(2σ²)) / (σ√(2π))
Wow, back in 2009 I made a thread because I was high off of having recruited Celebi. The thread title sounded suspiciously like Twilight Sparkle in CMC. I think it's on page 2 if you want to laugh at me behind my back.

But um use Alakazam, use your items, don't waste moves, use Teleport in tight situations, walk away from enemies if unsure, watch out for Parasect and Venomoth, and take it slowly. Good luck!

1. Luftballon

um well I had this who huge thing about how kirlia and gardevoir are somewhat better except in stats at lower levels than alazakam, and have generally better movepool except psybeam and reflect and recover, and imprison is ridiculously good, at least on paper. but browser crash, it died.

summary: kirlia vs alakazam is -focus punch, -hyper beam, -iron tail, +thunderbolt, which I figured is kind of worth the trade because thunderbolt is apparently the only area attack you're going to get; and the early-level movepool is much worth it. also confusion is better than all your other level-up attacks. also growl is BEST MOVE EVER, exaggerating only slightly.

I might write up an analysis for for claydol!


alright, so. claydol. I'll be comparing to kirlia for this one, because ... well, kirlia was generally better, eh?

anyway, claydol gains levels faster until level 9, then slows down to be slower ... until 27, at which point it's once again ahead, and pretty much stays ahead for the rest of the game.

it has better initial stats, but the stats grow slower, falling behind first in both att and spa at 6, then def at 7, spd at 9. I won't bother going through all the stats, but claydol does reach 100 with +38 hp, -4 att, +2 spa, -5 def, -2 spd over kirlia, so clearly it does eventually pick up speed, so to speak.

this so far is ambiguous, but possibly slightly favourable to claydol -- the early levels are where stats tend to matter most. won't say either is better, though; that is by no means clear.

claydol's initial moves are a bit worse -- it gets the same confusion and teleport, but instead of double team and growl, it gets harden and rapid spin. harden is perhaps preferable to double team. rapid spin ... is no growl, unfortunately. 17 pp is pretty good, though! 90 accuracy is not ideal, though.

so, of level-up moves, compared to kirlia, claydol loses calm mind, double team, dream eater, future sight, growl, hypnosis, imprison, psychic; and gains ancientpower, cosmic power, explosion, harden, hyper beam, mud-slap, psybeam, rapid spin, rock tomb, sandstorm, selfdestruct.

level-up moves are kind of hard to compare, but I have to say that the losses of calm mind and double team are inconsequential, everything after imprison comes too late to matter, and of the rest, psybeam ouclasses psychic too much, none of the rest other than kirlia's doubling of teleport. imprison is kind late; losing it does suck, though.

it gets 3 harden. not very interesting, really. 5 rapid spin though, which is pretty good. lose harden, probably. and then 7 mud-slap, which is kind of great -- cuts corners and 16 pp, eh? also drops opponent acc as a bonus. 84 accuracy, though, is not ideal.

11 psybeam is exactly what kirlia misses from not being alakazam -- and earlier, too! while also at 84 acc, it has 17 pp and 12 power (everything else so far was 4), and most importantly, is a line move. it's not room-range, but eh.

15 rock tomb -- speed drop, good. 12 pp, not so good. accuracy, kind of terrible. I ... probably wouldn't take it, not for a 1f move.

19 selfdestruct is subpar for excavation, I guess, but pretty good for making shortcuts. 12 pp. also makes for 40 set damage (although only 20 against fire), which is not too bad. also -1/2 hp, which is kind of bad. worth knowing, though, probably.

25 ancientpower is 12 pp, 12 power, 1f, 88 acc, eh. 31 sandstorm, eh. 36 hyper beam, avoid like the pest, paused has a huge duration. 42 cosmic power, eh. 55 explosion is great, though.

in short, claydol's movepool is front-loaded with low-power, high pp moves early on; 11 psybeam probably makes up for having fallen behind statwise; but it pretty much peters out from there, leaving only explosions. which are great, mind, but, well, are explosions. thankfully, you're probably going to find some tms and/or items to make up for terrible level-ups by the time you reach level 11.

tm move changes: lose attract, calm mind, safeguard, shock wave, snatch, taunt, thief, thunderbolt, torment. gain dig, earthquake, ice beam, rock smash, rock tomb, sandstorm, solarbeam, strength.

the loss of attract hurts in the dungeons you bring items into -- attract is really great. loss of taunt and torment hurts less, but is still kind of annoying. loss of safeguard, eh -- it's rare that you'll be prepared against everything with a status move anyway -- you'd run out of pp quickly if you are, too -- and it doesn't protect retroactively, so. snatch has the same problem. loss of shock wave and thunderbolt takes options for attack ranges, though, which kind of sucks.

the stuff you gain is not that great, but neither bad; dig is more or less generic high-damage STAB with 100 acc against stupid enemies on the ground; earthquake is room-range with 10 pp -- low accuracy, but; ice beam is line-range, low 8 pp, pretty good coverage with ground; solarbeam is high-damage delayed line-range against stupid enemies and in a corridor.

and claydol is floating; this is kind of important because escape routes and shortcuts. between that and teleport, claydol can get away from lots of things, potentially escaping to the next floor before dying.

it's not necessarily better than kirlia in wish cave and joyous tower, where you can bring tms, but in purity tower? gladly.

mt. steel 1-4 baltoy 5, wish cave 11-14 baltoy 5, desert region 12-20 baltoy 35 (!!), southern cavern 11-22 baltoy 32; evolve at 36. not bad.
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