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Lies from everyday Life.


If you're gonna dig, dig to the heavens!
"I won't stay up to late!"
"I finished my Math homework."*
"No, I don't like Pokemon."**
"I'm just checking my e-mail."

And countless others.

*Actually, I always finish my Math, I just put it off until Homeroom the next day because I can do it extremely fast.



Active member
I forgot my lunch money,can you give me some money *leaves...cmes back*I actuly do have money so I spent it on candy and stuff.

I saw that happen once at school


Cute forum goer
The worst lies people told me were ones about girlyness being a bad thing.

I dread to think how unhappy one must be with being alive to put down innocence like that :/ Also I don't understand the hate one bit....