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Requests Open Lilycolo's Sprite Shope Galore


the big bad
I like to sprite. A lot! But I'm still an amateur. Note I can only work with b/w sprites or lower because I'm inexperienced with the 3d textures, sorry!

*note that I am a major procrastinator if I have a ton, so I'll only be actively working on 3 requests at a time please!

Also one request per post, please. I'll be taking the first one to work on actively, any others are postponed.

Slots open:
1. ---
2. ---
3. ---

Things I can do:
Splices (3 or more can get tricky... but I can try!) (abselia for example (not my best but the only one on this computer easily on hand)
Mid - evolution (basically a splice between stages) (eevee is a sorta-example)
Recolors (darker sneasel, not best example)
Mod's (like adding wings)
Disguise-type thingys (I think the Dittlett would be an example of this)

if you have something else it may take longer



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Be Bold (+Def, -Atk)
Oh hello there, my good fellow. Let me be your first customer of the hour (and of the age, hurrah!). You see I have this fine Kabuto here, and this Murkrow, and they wish to babies. Of course, I need to show them an image of what their offspring would look like.

As such, dame Lily, I would like to purchase your finest spliceration of the feathered dark type and the rock-hard shellbeast from the east.