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I really can't describe how excited I am at the moment. Basically, last week, I asked my English teacher whether I could put on a performance of a Shakespeare play (something which I've wanted to do for so long it's unbelievable) and she not only said yes, but that she'd do anything she could to help and get other staff to help!

Anyway, so it's going ahead, and I've got three actors already: I'm playing Macbeth, my friend is playing Banquo, and another friend is playing Macduff. We're planning to perform it at the very end of March 2012, which I've calculated would give us ~42 weeks rehearsal if we were to do a rehearsal every week after school on a Monday evening.

This is so cool :D

Karkat Vantas

Virile God-Snake Tower of Masculinity

Good luck! Break a leg, assuming you haven't already broken it titling the thread.


Uh, I didn't do it.
Seriously change the name.... call it Scottish Play or something. That's what we called it when we did it.