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Mafia Choice Mafia 2: Family Business


make no mistakes 'cause i'm on fire
Years later...
With the masses pacified using... unsavory means, Don Stryke was able to build up Mafiattle (mafia seattle) into a tightly-knit mob town. Everyone was in his pocket; the cops, the banks, even the knifesmith. He began to form a new family. A circle of trusted capos to carry out his plans. Plans which included jump-starting the local economy fueled by just a bit of under-the-table dealings. Plans which served to protect the family. Plans for the future.

But not all was well. A small group of goody-two-shoeses seem to have gotten their grubby mitts all over the boss' inner circle. A few of the capos have been less than faithful to the Don, and are seeking to take down the Family once and for all.

Will the family survive, or will Mafiattle return to the chaos from whence it sprung? A game of life and death returns from the depths to claim more victims.

Maybe the world wasn't ready for it. But it happened anyways. And it's gonna happen again.

This is Mafia Choice Mafia 2: Family Business.​

  • TV Tropes Mafia
  • Reverse Mafia
  • the very bestest mafiya game
  • Greek Mythology Mafia
  • Song Choice Mafia
  • Capitalist Democracy Mafia
  • Mafia Choice Mafia
  • Sinnoh Choice Mafia
  • Fandom Mafia 4
  • Username Mafia
  • Sprites!Mafia
  • DIY Pokemafia
  • Trainer Class Choice Mafia
  • Vanilla Mafia
  • 2R1B
  • Mafia Choice Mafia 2
  • That one game that we did on mafiauniverse that I forget the name of
Roles will be based on your choice of mafia game, though the explanations may be a bit... odd. The GM's brain works about as well as his car.

"Town" roles will be listed as Family. "Scum" roles will be listed as Snitches. Just for flavor, really. 'S fun.

Game will start with a Night Zero. Expect odd roles.

Games claimed:
  • Herbe: Power Plant Pokemafia
  • Zori: Gym Leaders Choice Pokemafia
  • Zero Moment: Fandom Mafia 2
  • qenya: anarchist cyberpunk mafia
  • Stryke Jr.: Eifie's Definitely 100% Legit Serious Mafia Game
  • sande: ACNH Mafia
  • M&F: Tarot Mafia
  • Mawile: OOCTVTMQM
  • mewtini: Cats (2019) Mafia
Game time TBD. 48h days/nights.
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formerly kokorico
in as anarchist cyberpunk mafia, berlin 2070

ie the one where we used "vodka" as code for guns. still very proud of my "single shot" wordplay


make no mistakes 'cause i'm on fire
of note is 2r1b being on the banlist

i was considering if anyone chose it to make it a 3p role with something like "you are not a mafia game" but that would be too obvious so i just banned it so i wouldn't have to think of a weird dumb twist


The finchiest of widgets
To think that there are some ungrateful schmucks out there who would try to take down my great city of mafiattle, and everything I had built up...

(In, gimme Eifie's Definitely 100% Legit Serious Mafia Game)


i was like "i do not have brain for mafia after work each day" but my brain keeps going "give Mafia" so i guess i'm doing mafia. or playing final fantasy tactics a2: grimoire of the rift if there's no new posts for me to read (or even if there are posts for me to read. i can do two things at once i have two hands)

also games seem Shorter now! [thinks about 2k posts out of context tv tropes mafia quotes mafia thread]

anyway. in & pls give out of context tv tropes mafia quotes mafia please


sorry guys, don’t lose
you know i had to do it to em. its literally set in My City… seattle moment

/in with catsfia

may need to /out later depending on exactly when we start, can you ping me when we’re close to filling?