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Mafia Choice Mafia 2 - Game Thread


yes indeed -- oracle, reporting for duty! and as for that small twist I'd mentioned, and the thing I had in common with Mawile -- I was slated to receive all of the answers to my questions in the form of tarot cards, instead of the usual yes or no. here's how all of that worked out

for n0, I asked: can I get a uuuuuuuuh boneless pizza. less importantly, I also asked: do the snitches' roles include at least one of the following effects: a roleblock ; target redirection (eg bus driving) ; inforole disruption (eg godfather). I figured that'd not leave me guessing as to whether some night action fuckery would be expectable if we found ourselves scrambling to parse the events of a given night.
in response, I was shown The Magician. as that card is associated with trickery, I assumed this meant the answer was "yes" -- and lo and behold, they did have a roleblocker.

for n1, I asked: are there at least two snitch-aligned roles with the same win condition?. this was in part an endeavor to hash out Zori's claim, and in part an endeavor to figure out whether we were facing a typical wolf faction at all -- seeing as the flavor was not that of a typical town vs mafia standoff, after all.
in response, I was shown The Star. that card is associated with hope, renewal, and healing, which are all things I can't conceive of having anything to do with my question; therefore, I had no freaking idea what it was supposed to mean. (it would seem as if the final answer is "yes", at least)

for n2, I was planning to ask: is there a family-aligned role that can target a player and verify their alignment truthfully?. this would have had the dual purpose of truth-checking Mawile's claim, and also settling the matter of what information it's providing and whether there was any bastardry to it.
what would happen before I got to ask that question certainly wasn't in my cards, though!


out of touch thursday

i really am sorry that i didn't log back in, i have been having a Time of it these past ~three days mental health and sleeping schedule-wise and didn't put nearly as much effort into this game as i should have (cf. me forgetting about this game and my actions literally three days in a row). well played though!!!!


formerly kokorico
oh holy shit that was unexpected

good job team!! was a fun one! thanks for hosting, RNP :D


oh man, good times.
it's true. I've definitely never pulled a name out of a hat in my entire life, and certainly not in the past two games,


i tried something
it ended up not working out
but thats why we have games! to try stuff and have fun
i dont think its totally without merit
probably without merit in an rnp setup lol


make no mistakes 'cause i'm on fire

Power Plant Pokemafia
Status: currently on the ground

You’re the capo in charge of managing the local power plant, keeping the juice flowing to the city. Unfortunately, due to, er, events, your plant has a bit of a problem keeping the lights on 24/7, and none of your work orders seem to have gone through. Haven’t even been able to fix the 1 AM blackouts. And thus, those with mischievous minds use said time to skulk around undetected.

You’ve decided you’re gonna do somethin’ about that.

Once per night, you can activate the Backup Generator and route power to another player’s house, turning all the lights on. When a player’s house is Illuminated in this way, everyone who visited that player (including you) can see everyone else who’s in that house, and will be notified. For instance, if X, Y, and Z visited A, all players would receive a message like…

X was seen at A’s house.
Y was seen at A’s house.
Z was seen at A’s house.
Herbe was seen at A’s house.
You are sided with the Family faction. You win when all threats to the Family have been eliminated.

(TL;DR you are a town/Family-aligned Illuminator. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.)
anarchist cyberpunk mafia, berlin 2070
Status: all in

Some say you died that day. They’d be mostly wrong. You were minding your own damn business, pondering which of the anarchists in your circle could have been agents of Saeder-Krupp, when a blue wave of energy ripped through your house… but the searing pain was only about half as bad as you expected. You were disconnected from… everything. Standing up, woozy, you tried connecting to a network, any network. You weren’t used to this lack of information. You managed to find one,, so slow and so weak your neural implants barely even clocked it. It’s a private network, encrypted, but the security is some kind you’d only read about, about 50 years behind the tech crammed in your skull. You cracked the encryption, easy, and slurped up as much of that sweet, sweet information as you could.

Huh. Your internal clock automatically updated. Says the year’s 2022. That can’t be right, can it?

You look out the window.

Shit. Nothing’s chrome. That proves it.

When the Don came to investigate the giant house that had landed on top of his favorite ice cream parlor, you two had a little chat. He needed someone to keep the Family’s secrets secret, and you needed your place hooked up to the power grid to keep your electric bits from giving out. A deal was struck, and sooner or later you’d risen the ranks to be the official head of communication for the Family.

With the blackouts, it’s not like your neural implants will let you sleep. Damn things always wake you up when you’re not charging them. So you use the time to do a little bit of mobile hacking.

Everyone’s got a cell phone. It’s 2022, not 1922. You figure, even if the blackouts knock out the cell towers, you can still work out a way to connect ‘em using satellites or something. Computers, right?

Once per night you may choose a player to connect to your personal servers. These servers can be used for a myriad of things, but most notably, they allow everyone who is connected to communicate at any time, day or night. Back in the day- er, forward in the day, I suppose- you did this and called your buddies Neighbors. But since this is a new server, why not change the branding a little bit and call them Comrades? Reminds you of home.

(TL;DR: you are a town/Family-aligned Neighborizer Comradizer. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.)
Stryke Jr.

Eifie’s Definitely 100% Serious Mafia Game

Status: Clowning Around

Your father was always too busy building his new world or whatever to pay much attention to you. Sure, he promoted you to capo, but that was really just a formality. You never get to do much. He doesn’t trust you enough.

Well, maybe it’s cuz you’re about ten years younger than most of the other capos, but. Either way. You’re a little pissed off. At your dad, always too busy either building up his empire or getting speech therapy for that weird accent he used to have. And at everyone else, for dismissing you out of hand.

Well. What happened in your game? Everyone was clowning around. Why not do a little clowning yourself? You are a JESTER. You’ve been making a few modifications to the construction sites around town, ‘specially all the capo’s houses. If they try and fuck with you one more time, you’re gonna use that whole clown car schtick and hop into the clown tunnels you’ve been digging. You’ll be “”dead””, sure, not in the Family anymore, but you’ll get your revenge from “beyond the grave” with some extremely harmful pranks. It’ll be vindicating as hell. And that $1,000,000 in unmarked bills you stashed away in here makes sure you won’t have to rely on your pops anymore, either.

If you are voted out, you will fulfill your win condition, and will be able to kill a player of your choice the following night, to punish those who wronged you. This will not activate if you are killed at night, blown up by a terrorist, poisoned, modkilled, or anything other than a vote.

(You are a SELF-ALIGNED JESTER. You win by being voted out. On the night following your victory, you may choose to kill a player of your choice.)
ACNH Mafia
Status: eating copious amounts of cheese

Animals, right. All made of flesh and whatnot. You’re not just any animal, though. You’re a RAT. You have succumbed deeply to stereotypes and peer pressure from another capo, Zori, and are now working with the government to take down the Family. Cuz rat is another word for snitch, get it. Whatever, I thought it was funny.

You are the cause of the city-wide blackouts that allow you and your partner to move undetected at night. Every time the work crews try and fix the wires, you just gnaw through them again. Wow, I sure hope nobody else is using these convenient blackouts to do anything at night, that would suck and be incredibly inconvenient.

As a rat, you’re pretty good at finding hidden things. So much so, that you’ve built up quite a stash of Pitfall Seeds. Once per night, while it’s dark, you may plant a Pitfall Seed in front of a player’s house, which they will not notice because it dark. You always make sure to go around and dig them back up each night because they would totally get you what with the Animal Crossing flavor and whatnot. This keeps you pretty busy, and as a result, you may not carry out the nightkill while you are roleblocking a player.

In addition, you and Zori may not carry out more than one kill per night. You may, however, both choose not to use a factional kill and instead use your non-kill abilities. Do with that what you will.

(You are a Mafia/Snitch Roleblocker. You win when the Mafia/Snitches make up 50% or more of the surviving players.)
Gym Leader Choice Mafia
Status: filing copious amounts of paperwork

The League is pretty much the only form of government there is in the Pokemon world. No mayors or presidents or anything. Might have been a couple kings in there somewhere? Ah, whatever. You were the replacement for a Gym Leader who, shall we say, got in a disagreement with the Family. You decided you’d go along, pretend to be all corrupt, ‘till the time was right to strike against the Family.

Oh, hey, isn’t that time right now?

You’re working with sanderidge to take down the Family once and for all. Honestly, the boss literally hired a federal agent and an actual rat, so I’m not quite sure why he’d be surprised by your betrayal. Whatever.

While you’re not quite, say, high-ranking in the League, you still have your Pokemon. Namely, a Steelix. For some reason I thought you had an Ampharos? Whatever. Once per night, your Steelix may create a Sandstorm to follow any player of your choosing, preventing them from being seen by other players.

You may not use the factional kill while you are using Sandstorm. Takes concentration to keep that following someone, yunno? You and your partner also may not both use your kills at the same time. Balance, you know. You may, however, both choose to forgo using a factional kill and use your non-kill abilities instead. If you really feel like it.

(You are a Mafia/Snitch Sensei. You win when 50% or more of the remaining players are mafia.)
Fandom Mafia 2
Status: High as a kite

What, pray tell, connects the events of Fandom Mafia 2 and one of your own personal Fandoms, Hazbin Hotel?


Specifically, your role in the Family is to fiddle with pharmaceutical sales and whatnot. Big moneymaker, there, what with insurance fraud and fake prescriptions and whatnot.The Family doesn’t peddle the stuff, though. Boss says it’s too risky. Actually runs a pretty high-success-rate rehab clinic. You just sell the stuff to other organizations. Whatever they do with it is their business, you just sell the stuff.

Fun fact, oxycontin is incredibly chemically similar to heroin. I just thought that was interesting.

You can, I guess, be all boring and use drugs and medical supplies for their intended purpose. Y’know, that whole life-saving thing. And unlike an actual hospital, you don’t put your patients in debt! Fun.

Once per night you may choose a player to heal. If that player would have been killed, they will survive.

(You are a town/Family aligned Doctor. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.)
Tarot Mafia
Status: Playing 52 pick-up

Look, I’m not making you a terrorist. Especially not after Frenzy Plant.

You probably should have seen that coming, huh? Seeing as you’re all psychic and shit. The boss recognizes a JoJo reference when he sees one, and unlike that other guy with the hair and such he recognizes the merit of having a fortune-teller on staff. Especially one like you, who actually works.

I mean, I know it’s kind of cliche to make the tarot-themed player an Oracle, but the only other interesting role I could think of from Tarot was that whole Wheel Of Fortune deal and, uh, I’m not doing that.

Once per night you can ask the GM a question about the setup. These questions may not be about specific player’s roles or information that would not be known before the assignment of said roles. Answers will be provided in the form of, what else, Tarot Cards. The boss got you a brand new set for your birthday. That was nice of him.

(You are a town/Family-aligned Oracle. You win when all threat to the town are eliminated.)
Status: Status: Status: Status: Status: (...)

(How many layers deep are we now? Mawile choosing a Mawile game in a Mawile-approved sequel to a Mawile game? I don’t know whether to be angry or not.)

RedneckPhoenix said:
You’re the Family’s main archivist. You keep track of all the bribes and whatnot. You’re especially good at writing down quotes from other members of the family. Making sure people keep their promises and whatnot. As such, if you really spend time on it, you can kinda make out pattern and see where someone’s allegiances lie. Breaking into houses, checking their files against yours, picking out the inconsistencies and whatnot. Cross-reference their statements and whatnot.

Once per night, you may investigate a player. You will make note of anything incriminating they have said in the past, and use that to determine their alignment.
(You are a town/Family aligned Investigator. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.)
Cats (2019) Mafia
Status: Ruining the curtains

You’re a cat. Cats are known for catching rats. This is your role in the family. You might have been slacking a bit on that recently. That was an extremely long thread. Er, I mean, the thread you were chasing all around the house, because you’re a cat! Let’s go with that.

Time to use those claws. Once per night, you may kill a player. Let’s make this quick, you’ve got a hell of a lot of napping to do, and you’d quite like to get back to that. Oh, and there were some birds outside you’d like to go after. Maybe after that you’ll climb in a box and get stuck… Ooh, and there was that bottlecap laying on the ground over there-

(You are a town/Family-aligned Vigilante. You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.)

Zero Moment

Vinyl Scratch
wow, looks like Stryke was kinda the role I was fearing Zori had, that being someone who could enact vengeance on one player who voted them out.


make no mistakes 'cause i'm on fire
no stryke could choose anyone. outside of flavor reasons i gave stryke this role because he got randvoted with little to no warning last game on his mafia round and i felt bad for him and so decided i'd give him a fun/easy role this game so he could have fun trying to get himself voted

and then the snitches fucking executed him n0