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Magikarp: the Gathering


Ebonclad Enigma
So I'm still trying to figure out what to do at Butterfree's first appearance. I've tried zillions of things, not even knowing if I'm going about it the right way... *Headdesk.* (Still: not a word. I'll do this by myself from here if it takes me years. It almost certainly will.)

I do like these puzzly clue games but they really make me feel like my pride's been beaten, whipped and put through an industrial blender. ;; *Crawls into a corner and dies.*

EDIT: ... Oh. Why the hell didn't I just do that sooner? *Headdesk.*

ANOTHER EDIT: Finished. Eh. *Feels blank.*
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Resident pelican
Has anyone got any hints on how to get the second ash? I've got the first one, and I tried Hellfire style, but that didn't work...

EDIT: Never mind.

EDIT2: Finished.
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Resident pelican
It is more obvious if you've read Butterfree's fic...

That's about as vague as I can get.


Will come sporadically. (Did I spell that right?)
Emmmm... Wanna try and put water somewhere? Maybe somewhere you can change something?

Tried again for fun and got this....

I went from save point, and manually entered everything in. Laggy computer made me slower D:
I'm so evil and braggy.... But I am self aware of it... That's not good.

Anyways, I'll be glad to help people.
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Ivy Newton

How do you... get the second ash? I've already gotten the Volcaryu one...

EDIT: Never mind...

EDIT2: YES!!! I finished! You should really make a prize or something, Butterfree...
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New member
Ok, I can't find Deoxys or Magikarp in Hoenn after Butterfree gives me a cookie. I checked the the tips and tricks and the truth page, so is it somewhere else in Hoenn?

Lorem Ipsum

Argh, I know that the second ash is to do with Volcaryu, but I don't know what extension to give the URL... volcaryu.aspx?

EDIT: Never mind =D

DOUBLEEDIT: Fineeeshed