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Careful fighting the monsters, lest you become one
Hey, just to let you know, i really dont have to do this but well, I'm back again, no one has seen me for quite a while, and I have to do this to get rid of the heading. Those who know me already know that Glacedon was my first username, and I have brought it from the dead. I'm like some username necromancer.


Tragically unbeyachted.
Hehe, I prefer it when people keep their old names; it makes it much easier for me to remember who everyone was :3

Welcome back!


Anything but unremarkable
Welcome and well come.

Enjoy your stay, however long,
And meanwhile, listen to this song.

Welcome to t-C-o-D,
Where we eat cod and drink mint tea,
And everyone is, to an extent, happy,
Under the leadership of Butterfree.

We'll talk about stuff, like Pokémon,
We'll play random games, and sing random songs,
I hope your stay is rather long,
For this is a place for everyone.

But to commemorate what is lost,
A slight change in tone of verse,
Pokémon and humans mourn all around
As we carry the old forums' hearse,

And although what was great has passed,
We can rise again, you see,
It'll take a bit of work, but we can do it, for
We are tCoD!!!


Careful fighting the monsters, lest you become one
Thanks for the song, though I myself prefer poetry, my fav is edgar allen poe.... no not really! :P


Anything but unremarkable
Well, I dunno. The Welcomign song is more of a poem. It ahs no specific tune.