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Musics that sound like each other


New member
You know what I mean, when if you hum one song straight after one another, it's difficult not to hum the first one twice. There're intentional ones like the funeral tune, and the imperial march from Star Wars. TheJingStock Then there's ones only I seem to think are similar like the theme tunes to Eastenders and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Which songs do you think sound similar?

Recently I noticed that there's a certain bit of Cynthia's battle theme that reminded me of the roller coaster levels from Talmit's Adventure/Marvel Land

So true bout Talmit's Land! HAd the same feeling at first!

Kung Fu Ferret

First Knight of the Round Table
Papa Can You Hear Me? sounds almost exactly like Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?
And yes, I recently watched Deadpool 2...