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My Budget Mono Blue Magic Deck!


The Sacred Swordsman
I spent 30 bucks and I made a mono blue magic deck that is amazing. See I am going into a colour fight next weekend. We all go aganst our enemy colours and I have to defeat Red and Green. So while Green is ramping and Red is taking care of white, White agreed to protect me until turn 4 because on turn 4 I can have Pili-Pala and Grand Architect making infinite mana and summon Sphinx of Magosi and draw my entire deck and use Time Stretch and Elixir of immortality and a whole bunch of counter spells if any one desides to do anything tricky while I play Cyclonic Rift. I plan on just going until I mill my two opponents with my Thought Scours for the lulz, but I might just mill one and kill the other with the Sphinx. Anyone wanna give me some advice? Here is the link:


The combo makes infinite Turns, Life, Draws, Sphinx's p/t, Mill, bounce, and Spell Use!
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