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NES/SNES pronunciation

How do you pronounce NES and SNES?

  • En ee ess/Ess enn ee ess

    Votes: 24 34.3%
  • Nezz/snezz

    Votes: 11 15.7%
  • Ness/sness

    Votes: 20 28.6%
  • Something else you didn't think of, you moron.

    Votes: 15 21.4%

  • Total voters

Not Meowth

Cat, are you drilling?
Recently I've been hearing a lot of people saying "enn ee ess" and "ess enn ee ess", a way it somehow never occurred to me to pronounce them, and due to the fact I've not made a thread in ages here is a very interesting poll. (Seriously, it's so interesting. This is my interested face. :l)
Also feel free to mention any other consoles with acronym names that can be pronounced as words if I've forgotten any.

Personally I say nezz/snezz. Always have done since checking out the console in your room on Pokemon Blue, though this was before I knew what either of them was or that they were even acronyms.


Says "also" and "or something" a lot
I say nezz and snezz.

When it comes to N64 though I alternate between saying "enn sixty-four" and "Nintendo sixty-four" which makes it annoying when wondering whether I should write "an N64" or "a N64".

#1 bro

N E S and Super Nintendo.

(oh, but when I pronounce the word "SNES" in my head, it becomes "sness")


Anything but unremarkable
I chose Ness and Sness, but I also sometimes say Snezz (Not Nezz though).


Rubber dinghy rapids, bro!
I just call 'em 'Nintendo' and 'Super Nintendo'. strictly speaking it's probably incorrect, but most people I talk to use those terms.

it's like how I still call the latest consoles "Xbox" and "Playstation". I just have a strange aversion to acronyms or numbers.

of course, online I use "NES" or "SNES".


emotionless and cold as ice
When I'm actually saying them I just say 'Nintendo' and 'Super Nintendo'.

When I read them online the voice in my head pronounces each letter. N-E-S and S-N-E-S.


New member
Due to Portuguese being my primary language, I actually say "nesh" and "snesh" ("sh" as in "shoulder"), because most in most words that end in s, the s is pronounced like that. Otherwise "ness" and "sness".

fresh fruit for Adol

even electronic brain pancake crystal elderly
I've always pronounced it "sness" and "ness", or spelled them. It really depends on my mood, or whichever I happen to think of using first, either saying the full name, saying the acronym, or spelling it =/


...people pronounce them Ness/Sness and Nezz/Snezz? o____o I always thought it was just my friend who did Nezz because she was weird.

Seems really strange to me, I'm not really one for saying acronyms how they look. I say en-ee-ess and ess-en-ee-ess.
They don't look anything like they should be said 'Ness' or 'Sness' so I'd say Nezz/Snezz alternatively.


Okay, I didn't think I'd be the only one, but...

I say "Nees" and "Snees". Yeah, like "niece" and "sneeze".


New member
I've always just called them Nintendo and Super Nintendo.

I've also heard them pronounced En ee ess and Super En ee ess.

I once pronounced it Sness and my brother made fun of me, so I never did it again.


Super Moderator
When I actually have to differentiate between the two in vocal conversation I usually spell out the letters, or say Nintendo and Super Nintendo depending on who I'm talking to (whether or not they know what NES and SNES are acronyms for).

However, when I was growing up and my family actually played a SNES we just called it "the Nintendo". Our Playstation was "the Sony" and the Genesis I smuggled from my grandmother was "the Sega".