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New Nintendo Console!


The Wobbuffet Fan
Alright, as some know, Nintendo will be unveiling "Project Cafe" at E3 this year. Here's the question...
Wanna watch? At 9:00 PDT, Nintendo will be hosting a LIVE video of their new console unveiling. Here's the place.

Eta Carinae

I really loved that farm.
I'll still be in school at the time :( I wish I could watch though, it would probably be awesome, even if the console does end up being "sub-par".


Lost at sea
Awesome, I'll probably be watching this if I'm not doing something else.

Edit: Daww, that's the same night as my school's band/chorus/orchestra spring concert :C guess I won't be watching this then...

Edit again: Wait, I thought it said 9pm xD well, maybe I'll be watching at least some of this. idk.
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Anything but unremarkable
To be fair, everyone (Most people, anyway) hated the Wii's name when it first came out. Wii U does have a nice ring to it! We'll grow used to it. Also I love the controller, it's such a clever idea.


Oh, Reflux, you're so big and strong!
If you say Wii U over and over really fast in front of a mirror it appears it sounds like a police siren :D

But yeah, I'm not a fan of the name.

Crazy Linoone

broke ASB
Eh, not so sure about the Mii stuff. The controls look pretty cool, although its large number of buttons plus a touch screen seem hard to use -- then again, I haven't tried it, so I can't say whether it really will be hard to use.

I'm going to withhold opinion until some games come out on it first.


Well, it's been a while hasn't it?
Alright, like some people said before, horrible name. I mean, even Wii 2 would have been better(though it would still sound like chatspeak T-T).

For the games that have apparently been announced(I haven't seen the list quite yet, so I hope you guys aren't lying XD), all I have to say is this: