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Oh no. Arceus is coming to the U.S

What will happen when Arceus is revealed officially in the U.S?

  • Mass chaos

    Votes: 15 17.4%
  • Churches will condemn Pokemon

    Votes: 21 24.4%
  • There will be many pointless newscasts about it

    Votes: 10 11.6%
  • No one will care

    Votes: 40 46.5%

  • Total voters

The Quicker Picker-Upper

your 300 pound matronly freight-train
I say a little o' two and a little o' three.
The last pope said Pokemon was harmless, so I think it'll be mainly Protestant Christains griping. Yes, they do make the majority in the US, so it doesn't make much of a difference.
The newscasts will be unintentionally hilarious, as always, though. It's always funny to see some middle-aged acter-wannabe rant on and on about how "Pokemons" are "corrupting our youth". A mispronounciation here, a mispronounciation there, gullible parents will have a fit over it, same ol' funny-as-hell crap that there was in the late 90s.


actually very huggable
Staff member
I don't believe any of the options are enough to convey the severity of the reaction.

Get Innocuous!

This is my happy face.
I'm thinking pointless newscasts with unintentionally hilarious overpronounced words. We should take bets on how they pronounce "Pokémon". My bet's on "pock-uh-mans".


Annoying Hawkish
The extremely religious will have more to gripe about. And I'll have a great time hearing newscasts mispronounce Pokemon and probably Arceus as well. Also now my bio dad will gripe at me calling be an atheist for liking it as well. -__-


The Member Formerly Known as Zenigame
Choice number 2. Churches will probably sue Nintendo for making a Pokemon God. Number three also seems likely.

S. E.

I'm a crow, don't'cha know?
Either 1 or 4. Let's hope no one will care, but then again, mass chaos could be fun. >=)

I voted Mass Chaos. =P

Kratos Aurion

beep beep coming through
Why is creating a Pokémon god an issue when no one makes newscasts about created religions in other games/stories?


The Quicker Picker-Upper

your 300 pound matronly freight-train
Hm, someone needs to paint big pictures of Arceus all over the ceiling of a church once that happens, kinda like the Sistine Chapel. That would lead to some SERIOUSLY funny newscasts nationwide.


Nothing much, I think. People are scared to admit they still like "pokeymanz". I, if asked, reply with, "Pokemon? Hell yeah." But other people are like, "hurr pokeymanz is stoopid lols hao cud u liek dat stuf". Whatever.


I'm alive! ...unlike this statue.
Eh, it'll probably get to the news somehow and someone will say something about it, but I doubt that we'll hear anybody screaming about the Pokémon series fabricating a god and stuff like that.


I Can Remember It For You Wholesale
Four. Pokemon's heyday is done and past. It's not really popular enough to elicit any mass response.


I am a rather irritable person.
I think nobody will care. Nobody except the people who want Arceus and those few nutters who say Pokémon is evil, that is.


Anything but unremarkable
Hmm, yeah, as long as some Pokemon's fan's parent doesn't see it and say "WTH THERE'S A GOD POKEMON OMG IM TOTALLY GOING 2 SUE NINTENDO" we should be fine.
Somehow I doubt every parent would react like that. In fact, it's probable hardly any would.