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On Criticism in the Advertising Forum

Kratos Aurion

beep beep coming through
Recently there has been a series of problems involving threads in this forum dissolving into pointless shouting matches. The moderation team would like this to stop, thanks.

People post their forums, websites and other corners of the internet here to gain members/readers, and usually to ask for at least a little criticism. Sometimes they post things that may not be of the highest quality, or that you may have no interest in visiting. It is fine to offer advice or criticism in cases like this. It is not, however, fine to fly off the handle on the chance that your criticism is not well-received.

Yes, we understand that some of you are naturally snarky, or that you can be irritable when you are annoyed because people don't take your advice. We understand that you are tired of seeing threads for "Generic Pokémon Forum #65749271" and that you wish people would stop making those. That is no excuse for regressing to the age of five and yelling at whoever is advertising whatever just because they don't see your side, any more than it is an excuse for stupid arguments anywhere else on the forum.

If the OP doesn't appreciate your criticism then get out of the thread; it clearly isn't worth your time anyway. If the OP is the one who starts picking fights, stop responding to them and just report the post to a moderator. If all you're going to do is sigh, roll your eyes and ever-so-subtly tell them that they're an idiot, don't even bother posting because the record shows that your "criticism" is never going to be taken the right way. You're not being asked to sugarcoat things. You're being asked to prove that you are mature enough not to start or continue pointless conflicts. There will be consequences the next time someone waltzes into a perfectly benign advertising thread and starts whining like a little kid. Grow up, please.