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[ORAS] Anyone ever noticed this?


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I didn't notice it myself but I have seen the videos before. It was odd because I was actually looking for weird stuff after the theatrics outside with the lanterns etc
Plus I was so amused by Sydney's chair that I wondered if the other E4 members would have them too so I had looked in the right place, just not at the right time!

Also, there is a Hex Maniac at Mt. Pyre who says "You're not the one" or whatever it was that that ghost in Lumiose City said.

Also, Phoebe's dancing is super cute!


onion witch
Am I... missing something here? I'm just seeing a recording of Brendan talking to Phoebe with some circles thrown in, I don't really see anything creepy.

Connoiseusse Burgundy

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Nintendo: Adding random ghosts in kids games because hey why not right.

headcanon: the ghost is gay and has a crush on phoebe and that's why she's chillin' in phoebe's room.

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My theory is that it's just the Old Chateau people. They're actually a cult that spreads throughout the world, confounding Trainers everywhere.