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Shauna/Player Character
The predominated Calliope out there ♠ Lord English (I'm OK with these being sorta related... Might even be a stable time loop. Well, two loops.)
I feel as though if this were something that could potentially happen, it would have happened when they were children, at least to some degree.

I'm shipping Roxygen so hard right now.

Karkat ♥ John is pretty great; Spades Slick ♥ Ms. Paint is also adorable. I really, really like Vriska ♠ Tavros and don't ever want that to stop. Also, Kanaya ♠ Gamzee.

Zora of Termina

forget your high society
Let's just agree as a collective never to go down this road in canon again okay.

Anyway I'm a pretty boring shipper. I've only ever shipped Homestuck, and even then I only really shipped Rosemary till recently when JohnRoxy also grew massively on me. My only other ship is Vriska ♥ or ♦ Terezi, but recently Meenah ♥ Vriska has grown on me a lot. Dammit.

As for Notps...
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH I already didn't like it before we went over the horrifying consequences in canon, and now that plus what seems to be the Gamzee's Abuse Defense Squad... fuck this ship.


Cute forum goer
I'll post 3 ships i'm generally focused on, for now.

The two I like/love:
Pearlshipping (ashxdawn)
Viewpointshipping (korrinaxme <3)

Amourshipping (ashxserena) (i mean, alone, maybe its not the worst match up but you know what turns me off? the stupid fandom for this ship. its FILLED with BULLIES. I detest bullies. And drama. amourshipping for the lose...to me.....)


Uhhm well, I just felt like saying

Ross x Rachel from friends :') they're really cute when they're together.
And I wish Katara x Zuko had been a thing, mostly because of how they seemed to understand each other near the end.