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I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
I see no thread for this, so I guess I'll make one, then.

I don't have the game yet, but it's pretty much been the only thing I've been seeing on YouTube. My birthday's soon, and I really want to get it.

For those of you who might not know (though this will probably be an extreme minority, as the internet is absolutely saturated with this game), Overwatch is Blizzard's newest IP; it's a team hero FPS played a la Team Fortress 2. It's captivated an insane amount of people (me among them), and the hype has been off the charts.

Some people complain there aren't enough modes or maps, but I believe Blizzard will do as Splatoon did, that there will be a steady stream of content for a good while.
I don't have it - I'm broke and I could only really use a PC for it anyway, and my laptop is GARBAGE - but my boyfriend does and he LOVES IT

he's been sending me links to trailers and such and i love everyone i've seen so far, they're all great
Yeah I've been pretty much playing it non-stop these past few weeks.

If anyone wants to add me on Battle.net, I'm Serpentine#11976.
I don't have it either. TF2 was one of the few multipleyer games I played and enjoyed so I expect I'll like Overwatch too. But I only got TF2 because it game in the orange box with single player games. I never really want to buy multiplayer games by themselves in case I don't like them after all, which is usually.
I'm Ike#1943 on Battle.net, and I don't really have anyone to play with save for a single friend, who has limited Internet so can only play for like half of every month, if even that long.

So yeah, don't be shy about adding me, especially if you'll want to play together from time to time. I'd love it!

So what are your guys' favorite characters? Whether it be personality or to play as or whatever.

My most played is Mercy, and she's just sorta become my all-around favorite. If I were to go by "class" or "type" or whatever, my favorite Offense hero would be Tracer, Defense would either be Mei or Hanzo, Tank would be Winston, and Support is Mercy, however I really like Zenyatta and Lucio as well.

Let's be honest, I don't dislike playing any hero, and I have played and will play them all. I have my favorites, but I see no reason not be decently versed in everyone. They're all a lot of fun!

Edit: All of my favorites I listed were in terms of playing as, for clarification.
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I'm gonna take a bit of a different stance. I got it when it came out, and I love to play it and all... but imo it doesn't feel worth the price, at least not yet.

I think the main thing Overwatch is lacking in at the moment is game modes. There's only 3. Payload, King of the Hill, and Control Point. That's it.

In my experience, this makes it hard to play for long periods of time (2+ hours) because at that point you've played each mode multiple times and it starts to get stale. I think more game modes would certainly improve this, and iirc Blizzard is going to add more modes along with maps and heroes, but with no timetable for that, I'm just kinda stuck getting bored of a fun game after an hour and a half.

Besides that, the balance is great in my opinion (Others would disagree, especially considering Mcree and Bastion [both of which I main] but it's really easy to just switch heroes to a direct counter) and the characters are all pretty fun to play as, and they encourage playing against your preferences
Not yet being the keywords there. Splatoon was exactly the same, but they've slowly added more game modes. If Splatoon could manage to accrue a sizeable fanbase with the $60 pricepoint, Overwatch will surely bring more to the table. The biggest piece of evidence that implies that Blizzard's not done isthis picture. When this picture was released, a good few of the heroes present in it weren't released (notably Genji, McCree, and Lucio). Blizzard has not said a peep about the remaining heroes; Hazmat Suit Guy and Red Lucha Bot look especially promising.

As for modes, that'll certainly add more in the future (Capture the Flag will probably be among the first). The game has been out for two weeks and a half; even with the huge amount of support it has garnered, it still needs to settle from the review hype. Who knows, given enough time we might even see a huge surge of community-created maps or even game modes.

Let's wait and see what E3 holds!
I was just watching a video today that was talking about how Overwatch will probably be added to over a long period of time. Their biggest piece of evidence was that Overwatch is the first new IP by Blizzard in 17 years, because they like to just work with what they already have so much. So it isn't likely Overwatch will be any different, it'll be expanded and added to and we should eventually expect new modes and such. I have no doubt about there being new characters eventually, too.
I know that they're going to add to it over time (and do it for free). I'm just confused at the community's reaction.

In its current state (no singleplayer, limited repetitive multiplayer with grind based loot mechanic) it's rather similar to Destiny or Battlefront at launch. People hated how Bungie and DICE did those games. Overwatch gets an apparent free pass for literally the same thing.
What distances Overwatch from those games is its roster. The absurd amount of fan art on the internet already testifies to its power.
Yeah, Overwatch is an FPS but it has sprinklings of a MOBA in it, with important team composition and heroes with different abilities that can match up with the rest of your team, or use to counter the enemy. That alone feels like it sets it so far apart from Battlefront, at least. I know nothing about Destiny :P
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