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Pinball R/S on Virtual Console


groove out!
I have heard absolutely nothing about this, but while I was browsing the Wii U eShop last night I noticed that Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire is apparently available on Virtual Console??? I just spent like two hours playing it, it's every bit as fun as I remember. Now if only they'd release the original Pokémon Pinball on 3DS VC...


I've had that on my Wii U for some time now. It's lovely, although now it takes ages for me to end up dropping a ball so I basically keep a single a run going for months (obviously, by save/quitting and getting back to it a bunch of times and not by playing nonstop for that whole time).

Funny that the GB one isn't on eShop yet, though, being that the R/S one is and other GB spinoffs are and even RBY are going to be soon.