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Pisstake of Rainbow

Get Innocuous!

This is my happy face.
Re: Oh, dear god...

"Jeffrey, have you dropped one?"

"Have you seen Bungle's twanger?"

"She's broken my plucking twanger."



Anything but unremarkable
Re: Oh, dear god...

WSords cannot describe this. So instead, two letters will!


'So rememeber to get out your twangers - and play with your balls - or if you haven't got any balls, as a friend if you can play with his!"

If you ask me, all the innuendo was in fact completely intentional.

Get Innocuous!

This is my happy face.
Re: Oh, dear god...

This was never actually intended for broadcast - it was shot for a Thames Television Christmas tape, but a Channel 4 program in the late 90's got hold of it and showed it as a part of one of those "take the piss out of TV" programs. Children won't actually have seen this. :/


emotionless and cold as ice
Re: Oh, dear god...

"It doesn't matter what size your twanger is!"

"I've got a big red one!"

"I've only got a tiny twanger... but it works well, and I like to play with it."

I love all the random giggling.

That was awesome. I seriously need one of those rainbow turtlenecks.