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PoemDex - Everyone can add.


The Fool
This is Poemdex, the Poem Pokédex where everyone gets to make a poem about the next pokémon. It can be as long, as short or any kind of poetry you like. It can even be a joke poem as seen very well with charmeleon and charizard.
I really like poetry and i am a nerd and might be the only person who likes poetry in these modern days.

I'll start.

001# - Bulbasaur
Sitting in the grass, you slowly nod off to your dreams.
And in the bright sun i can see your little bulb glowing.
And you, dreaming of the days, you will become an Ivysaur.

Alright who's up for Ivysaur?
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onion witch
#002 - Ivysaur
when i was a childe, i dreamt each night
of raising my Bulbasaure to an Ivysaure most bold—
a toadly friend to spend my Days beneathe younder Sun with,
and to hold closely when came night.
i dreamt of its stocky body, pleasantly cool to the touch beneath mine Quilt,
gently growing and contrackting
with the steadey breaths of Slumbre;
and i dreamt of its delightful bulb, soft like velvet.

nowhere in my dreams did i see that fine Dust,
those infernal poisonous mites that stream from the bulb like so many vicious Gnattes,
lining my Lungs and scourging my Throat.
nowhere in my dreams did i see the terrible


which in two to three years
shall put my mortal soul to rest.


The Fool
Now i have to make my venusaur really long because your poem just towered over mine in terms of length and quality. So I'll make a sonnet. Yeah, that should work.

#003 - Venusaur
My sweet Venusaur has evolved tonight
Look at him, standing alone in the mist
Everyone will dive away in fright.
I'll have you know this friends, you will be missed.
I'm all alone because of what i did.
No one can forgive ivysaur for that.
So I ran away in shame and I hid.
I went far away and caught a golbat
What did i do? let me tell you, my friends.
Me and Ivysaur were in the town square.
And we told bad puns to all citizens
And they feared, and people give us weird glares.
My evolved partner is formidable
And his puns are somehow worse than before.

Oh god that was hard and just bad i'm sticking to limericks.
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previously myuma
she, they
Charmander #004

Fickle lizard, newly-hatched
yet trainers think it's quite the catch.
A flame burns at the tip of its tail,
and its jagged teeth make others flail.
Made famous by Red, the greatest trainer -
its popularity is a no-brainer.


The Fool
#005 - Charmeleon

It was a beautiful morning
when i looked out my window
i should have taken it as a warning

Truths can be lies

Backwards like forwards
Look at you, you've come so far
now your my team's biggest star
Defend, destroy, until we've won
keep going till we're number one
in this game I am the player
and you my friend, are the false dragon slayer.