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Pokemon and 'iconic' characters


Judgemental people GTFO
This is some interesting little thing I thought of, that I want to post about. Its about what characters in pokemon seem most 'iconic', stand out most, and the fandom. What the fandom has gaven meaning to different aspects of pokemon.

As you can tell, with the regular pokemon franchise, the only character that really keeps on being 'iconic' is Pikachu....With Ash some-what up there in the side lines.

This is where the fans come in.

So many pokemon characters seem over shadowed by Pikachu.

But, when it comes to fans, these characters can really SHINE just as much, if not more. Right now, i'll post some characters that are iconic of pokemon to ME, due to myself, and friends, and even enemies i've met throughout my years as a fan. Here we go! (note it's not fully in order :P but the top most is at least xD)

1. KORRINA--She had to top the list xD She is my number one crush in the pokemon world, a fantastic and inspiring mega successor who looks a little too beautiful to exist. My reason to obsess over pokemon like mad all over again. I may not always relate to her tomboyishness, but at the same time, i doubt its that hard core. Either way, i'm in love with her, so she has to be a list topper for me.

2. Jirachi--Back in the days of 2004 (which, imo, were the pokemon craze days 2.0), I was mega into this cute little wish granting monster. Its role overall is short, it mostly stars in a movie those years, though it was a bit hyped about at first. The song 'make a wish', from its movie, to this day, is still a huge favorite song of mine. Jirachi is also a reason i'll often add stars to pokemon related art or when i write my name and stuff xD its a pokemon that means a lot to me.

3. MissingNo.--And, while i'm at it, probably kangaskhan and Rhydon, too, being some-what related to him. He's always been a rather huge part of my pokemon fandom, I see all the glitches in Pokemon to be canon TBH. Fun to say the name MissingNo., too. :P

4. Lucario--Other than Pikachu, it is rather iconic in the actual franchise, but for me, maybe more so, cuz he's also my beloved Korrina's partner. Put Mega Lucario here too at that lol

5. Kyogre and Groudon--I had friends who liked these pokemon a lot in 2004, so they tie with my old forum a bit. And i used to have kyogre and groudon fights in our pool with my brother too xD

6. Latios and Latias--Again, me and my brother were very into these two.

7. Hoenn's Pokemon in general--Lets face it: with how HUGE pokemon was for me in 2004, its kinda hard for me NOT to see pretty much all the hoenn pokemon as 'iconic' in some way or form...

8. Dawn/Pearlshipping--This is the positive side of the shipping fandom for me, i've met good friends through it, also I think Dawn has good chemistry with Ash :)

9. Serena/Amourshipping--The dark side of the shipping fandom for me. I've heard way too often how these 'amourshippers' are basicly just bullies :-x

10. Shaymin--I've been told to value gratitude a lot. Shaymin is the gratitude pokemon. So yeah.

11. Lugia--My friend, Eliana, from tsph, was a huge fan of this pokemon. I have also learned it commonly appears in pokemon fan dreams o.o;

12. Darkrai--Again, another dream related pokemon, this one being nightmares. Dreams are a huge thing with me, and i've dreamt about this pokemon several times, too. I can't say Cresselia has stood out as much, though, really (though i do love her).

13. Eevee (and its evolutions)--Always seemed rather huge in the pokemon fandom i've been around. Seems actually universal, but, yeah, cute and amazing pokemon right there ;3

14. Jigglypuff--I have a plushie of her now, also a bit of a early girl power pokemon. And resembles Kirby. Yep :3

15. Pichu and Raichu--To me, these are iconic. I duno how to get into the details though. But they are related to Pikachu, lol.

16. Chikorita's line--One of my first Pokemon lines, i won my crystal with them, i heavily associate them with pokemon as a whole. :P

17. Flareon--My friend, Melanie, is a bit of a pokemon prodagy, like me. Her favorite pokemon is this one. :P

18. Dark types--With my memories of 2004 and Mewshangout "The Evil Side" forum, i see them as rather iconic.

19. Celebi--Some people might not wanna hear why, so i won't get into it.

20. Fairy types--Girlyness means a lot to me as well as pokemon. Kinda makes these stand out a lot for me xD

21. Mew and Mewtwo--Seemed rather huge in 2004. And the craze in general.

22. Charizard and Butterfree--I'll end the list with these two (ironic, ain't it?). Charizard is the favorite pokemon of Butterfree/Dragonfree (the owner of this forum) and also the favorite pokemon of my good friend (and another pokemon prodagy) Hikanearylup. Butterfree is also a huge favorite of Butterfree's, and he name here.

I'm sure there are other pokemon that are iconic for me but these especially stand out. I'm curious about the lists of others who post in this thread :P


Judgemental people GTFO
Yeah I didn't get the above post o_O;;;

The most iconic of all pokemon to me is pikachu, who's probably the most iconic to people in general.

Pikachu's so cute xD

Also, he works well with my liking Korrina a lot, too, cuz Pikachu is also a great battler in the anime (not so much in the games but oh well).

EDIT: Lucario is a close second. 'Cuz of Korrina's ownership of him in pretty much all her appearances :P she even has TWO of them in the x and y video games, soooo......yeah :P

EDIT 2: Also, Pikachu is my first favorite pokemon, and lucario is my second favorite. :P