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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl

What Version will you buy

  • Pokémon Brilliant Diamond

    Votes: 4 21.1%
  • Pokémon Shining Pearl

    Votes: 7 36.8%
  • Both

    Votes: 5 26.3%
  • Neither

    Votes: 4 21.1%

  • Total voters
I don't imagine that would be likely, but i'd welcome regional variants all the same.

And now time for my thoughts.


Awesome! I've been looking forward for a way to properly enjoy diamond and pearl since when i actually played the original pokemon diamond, i was a pretentious pre-teen who couldn't stand playing the game without the modern accessibility stuff + snazzy graphics.

I gotta say the chibi stuff has me a bit dissapointed (hello, link's awakening pokemon edition) but i think it's fair enough since the people who feel really nostalgic about diamond and pearl are gonna be like "oh look it's so similar" and they're gonna love it. and i like it welll enough but i would have prefered sword and shield-esque art/graphics.

I'm getting pearl because Shining Pearl sounds just too cool. Plus i played diamond last time, so it's only fair. Scratch that, i'm probably gonna get both.

I'm excited that we're finally getting gen 4 remakes (To clear the way for gen 5 remakes hehehe) and i'm already starting to plan my team. Which starter am i gonna pick? Heck, which starter are you gonna pick? (yes the good old which starter as a conversation starter)

I'm curious about how everything is gonna work. Are they gonna add DLC? Can pokemon be transfered over from pokemon sword/shield? Will the national dex be in the game? Will the pokemon platinum fire types be added to the game or will sinnoh be left with out fire types? What about the other platinum pokemon? Togekiss? Gardevoir? Nosepass?
And how about Trainer Customization? Pokemon contestsssss? The baking thing?? Creepy Arceus Church? Trippy arceus egg cutscene? (wait that was from hgss nevermind)

Dynamax? Gigantamax? Don't tell me you don't want to see a gigantic chimchar towering over you?

I've actually just suceeded in getting myself hyped for this game. Please excuse me while i scream into a pillow with happiness!

EDIT: I never realized the majority of my favorites are gen 4 pokemon\

EDIT AGAIN: Wait what if this is all just a remaster instead of a re-make

(there was a livestream of a video of a furret on an escalator it's a long story)
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Mm. I played Platinum less than a year ago, so if the remakes are substantially similar to the originals, it's gonna be a bit dull to play through again, and frankly I might not bother. So it was kinda disappointing to see that there wasn't anything like that in the reveal trailer. The ORAS reveal trailer showed off primal Kyogre/Groudon, mega evolutions for the starters, etc, and the lack of anything similar here makes me suspicious that there aren't going to be very many additions at all. But it would be nice to be proved wrong!

Pokémon Legends, meanwhile, is looking super cool. I don't expect we'll get any more information about it for a while, but I'm looking forward to seeing more of it! I've been thinking I might go with Oshawott for my starter, since I've used Rowlet and Cyndaquil before in older games, but it depends if they do anything new with forms etc.
I am very curious and excited for pokemon legends! more cautious about the remakes and waiting to see how faithful they'll be, as I can't say the graphical style and lighting are gripping me at the moment. platinum was my first proper pokemon game I bought for myself and finished, and I'd hope for a few exciting, shiny things for a remake! still, I hope they'll give it the consideration and care it deserves! (also non-empty, online undergrounds...... amazing)
Honestly I'm more excited about Legends than the DP remakes :D It looks a lot more like the type of games I've been into lately - I haven't really played or enjoyed the turn-based grind-y type of RPGs for quite a while and have been playing a lot more action-type RPGs! I also never played DPPT, so don't really have the same nostalgia for the region.

That being said, I'm glad they're doing both! In theory, I feel like it'll make it easier to experiment with the gameplay of Legends because there's also a more traditional game option available.
Pokemon legends is... now that's where i'm most excited. Diamond/Pearl Remakes i'll still absolutely play but... it may not be particularly great. i'm sure i'm not the first one to point out how pokemon legends looks like Breath of the wild while diamond and pearl looks like link's awakening, which i find pretty funny.

I was just thinking to myself the other day that i wanted pokemon remakes set back in time. What's next for pokemon legends? Pokemon legends, Zygarde edition. Like aincent kalos/galar, 3,000 year war. Fancy french nobles, i just i want that eoisfhgkljsfhfk.

But that's for future me to worry about, i'm still happy in the present with arceus
I'm not opposed to chibi styles, but there's something about how they look in these remakes that seems a bit off. Maybe if the head was a tiny bit smaller or the body was 1.5 times bigger? I don't know. I liked Zelda A Link Between worlds, maybe it looks okay there because of the weird perspective trick they used? I want to see what chibi Cynthia looks like, since I have a nendoroid of her.

I'm probably more excited about Legends. Obviously we don't know everything about what it's going to be yet, but here's my thoughts.

It's probably going to be more of an open-world kind of thing like the wild area in SwSh. I like open worlds that are done well, usually where they can easily work in sidequests or teasures to find, but I'm not sure it's a great fit for Pokémon. Open worlds are boring unless there's stuff to do in them, otherwise they're large empty areas. Routes in Pokémon main series games are usually more like set-pieces. The people making it know what they're going to put where and control the pacing of the game so you don't have too many dungeons in a row or too much nothing. It helps the games stay interesting and memorable, and helps build the world. I'm very familiar with the geography of Pokémon regions, but in the wild area or other open world games I only really know general things like "the desert area is in that direction".

I would worry that it's a tad ambitious for Gamefreak since they don't have the best reputation for programming skills. However since they're giving the DPPt remakes to a third-party to develop, maybe they will give them the resources they need to focus on this game. I think it's a good decision.

It looks as though battles aren't separate from the overworld like they are usually. At least that's the impression I got from the trailer. It'll interesting if they get it to work. In the early games they obviously couldn't do something like that without it looking rubbish, but now that we're in 3D with a camera that can zoom in it seems like a natural way to progress things.

I also look forward immensely to both the feudal Japanese aesthetic and generally the fact that it's a Pokémon game set in a pre-modern time. Will there be an explanation as to why Pokéballs still look like their modern equivalents? Will that be a change they'll make before release and they'll be made to look more like apricorns?
I gotta say the chibi stuff has me a bit dissapointed (hello, link's awakening pokemon edition)
this is basically my only thought. pain

ruby was the first pokémon game i played, but platinum was the first pokémon game i actually owned and it's still my mainseries favorite by a very long shot. i'm superficial and nitpicky so now i kind of have some reservations about the Aesthetics of these remakes and it's getting in the way of my hype a little, hahaha. on the other hand there's also no way that i'll skip out on playing them because ;____;

god i just want 3d distortion world though. is that too much to ask for
I am pleased to see we have many hashtag TeamPearl members >:D Finally, a game where we can have Glameow before the postgame!

It doesn't seem likely, but if we have following Pokemon I will cry 🥺 Chibi mode... babey...
I was originally a diamond sorta person, and i still know nothing of the version exclusive pokemon (and don't mind really, i'll probably leave that to be a surprise) if you'll believe it, i was sold on the name alone, which is pretty reasonable considering like.

1. More people bought sword than shield, swords probably seem cooler in public opinion
2. Diamonds are generally agreed to be cooler than pearls. guess which one sold better?
3. Death (y) is cool and edgy™ as opposed to life (this is an opinion i can't share with the public, the public is weird)

so i'm getting pearl just cause Shining Pearl sounds super cool. Also who doesn't want a dragon that can control space itself? Can it warp space to make cookies for you in mere seconds? Well yes, but technically dialga can too (but you use more ingredients with dialga so...)

in other news, apparently mega evolution stuff is supposed to be involved with the merchandise for gen4 remakes. I'm not taking that as a definite sign but fingers crossed.
Also fingers crossed for following pokemon.
Pokemon Legends: Arceus inspired me to make some nice art :D

Oh, this is so sweet! Cyndaquil's happy little mouth 😄

My brothers are both edging towards getting Pearl so I think I might go for Diamond if I get the game (which, yeah, is seeming more likely with this mega evolution stuff). I guess it depends what the version-exclusives are but I don't think there were any particularly noteworthy ones in the originals - or, noteworthy to me, at least. Scyther in Diamond, maybe.
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