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In Progress Pokemon Chaos & Order (a spiritual successor to Pokemon Crimson)

Kung Fu Ferret

First Knight of the Round Table
(Based on my postponed blogs on Bulbagarden)

Welcome, to..... The Noglish region, a distant land once controlled by the Ancient Kalosian Empire, is home to many new Pokémon, several unique Mega Evolutions, and even new variants of Pokémon that were originally from Hoenn.
Our protagonist, is a descendant of Native Noglishians (who are a bit like a hybrid of Native Americans and Australian Aborigines). He or she must get all eight Noglish gym badges, complete six Spirit Trials, and prevent Team Rocket (under the control of the late Giovanni's grandson Benito) from unleashing the three Legendary Pokémon called Khioset, Ohdaeris, and Venjakti to conquer not only Noglish, but the entire Pokémon world, before facing the Champion.

Much like the old Pokémon Crimson fic I had here, you will decide what our protagonist's gender and appearance will be. Please PM me about your decision. First come, first serve.

The next person to PM me:
Noglish Starters
Grass: Moosling->Shrubelk->Brutalces (Grass->Grass->-Grass/Dark) based on moose and coniferous shrubs.

Fire: Snapyre->Inferpent->Quetzalcano (Fire->Fire->Fire/Fairy) based on coral snakes and the Aztec serpent god Quetzalcoatl.

Water: Loblarva->Buccacean->Crabbancho (Water->Water->Water/Steel) based on blue lobsters and pirates.

After the first Gym, the protagonist will go to Little Johto and get their second starter. This starter trio is the Johto trio, but they can Mega Evolve starting after the fourth Gym victory.

Mega Meganium (Grass/Psychic with Serene Grace)
Mega Typhlosion (Fire/Ground with a new ability called Fire Wall, which reduces Water-type Damage by one-third)
Mega Feraligatr (Water/Dragon with Drizzle)

Our character starts off in Olchester Town, after he or she moves back to Noglish from Unova.

EDIT: Thank you, Phoenix of the Night, for deciding that our protagonist is a girl. I will name her Stephanie. I have also decided that, She will have a male rival named Carlos, and a female rival named Odette.

EDIT: sv_01 has helped me decide that the Johto starter Stephanie will choose after the first gym will be...... TOTODILE!
Now we need a Noglish starter for her: Moosling, Snapyre, or Loblarva!
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Kung Fu Ferret

First Knight of the Round Table
To bide you guys over until the first chapter comes I have made some Pokédex entries for the lines forms of the Noglish starter trio. Once the time comes where our protagonist picks her starter, I will describe them in full.

#001 Moosling
The Budding Moose Pokémon.
Moosling can eat any and all types of vegetation without getting sick. It can also headbutt trees to get its favorite fruits.

#002 Shrubelk
The Arrogant Pokémon
This Pokémon has been known to an entire garden's worth of food. It also has a short temper compared to other Grass-type Pokémon.

#003 Brutalces
The Conifer Pokémon
According to a Native Noglishian fable, a shaman was driven to madness after consuming this Pokémon's favorite berries. Brutalces are extremely territorial.

#004 Snapyre
The Fire Snake Pokémon
A Snapyre's tongue can spit fire that can reach temperatures of up to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It despises cold climates, and tends to hibernate for much of the winter.

#005 Inferpent
The Coiling Pokémon
Inferpent has an extremely keen sense of smell. It can locate a nest of Patrat from ten miles away based on smell alone. This Pokémon's stripes are a warning to predators such as Staraptor.

#006 Quetzalcano
The Inferno Pokémon
This Pokémon was worshipped by the ancient civilizations that helped bring an end to the Kalos Empire. Its scales glisten in the sun and have been compared to Ho-Oh's wings.

#007 Loblarva
The Tiny Lobster Pokémon
This Pokemon can survive in even the most brackish of coastal waters. Its shell's strength has been compared to the legendary metal called Mithril.

#008 Buccacean
The Swashbuckling Pokémon
Buccacean's claws have been known to sink ships before they reached to port. However, it requires an entire colony to do so. This Pokémon attacks pretty at high tide.

The Pirate Pokémon
Crabbancho have been reported to steal shiny objects and hoard them in undersea caverns. These treasures can vary from garbage to gold. Many Water-Type Pokémon fear Crabbancho's cries.
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Kung Fu Ferret

First Knight of the Round Table
Due to some real-life unexpected delays, the prologue will be postponed until AFTER Sun and Moon are officially released worldwide. This means it will be after Americans have Thanksgiving.