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Pokemon: Jirachi Wishmaker!


Cute forum goer
One of my all time favorite pokemon films :D Talk about it here!

I still love jirachi soooo much. I should totally watch this movie again sometime soon (i own it on dvd now :P).

a whole carnival dedicated to POKEMON :D just makes me super happy in general too. I think the zeroara movie had a similar type of thing. Just.....movies related to Pokemon obsession in general are AMAZING <3

Annnnd Jirachi is, like, one of the cutest buggers eveeerrrrr seriously I LOVE HIM!!!! one of the reasons behind my screen name xD omg.....jirachiiiiiii <3 *squee*


the dave of guy
i cried while watching it as a kid, it was like the only pokemon dvd i owned, i loved it a lot