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Pokemon League Masters: Mystery of Fossil Cavern


Where have I been at?

In the Gildor region, there exists a group of trainers known as the LMA. This group works together to ensure that no evil ever threatens the safety of the region. They are the best of the league. They are League Masters.

One such League Master is Auron, who is also the gym leader of Cychrona City's psychic gym. He is also a legendary archeologist and researcher in the legends behind Pokemon and humans. His research has even led to the discovery of Drizleon and Flarix, the dragons of ice and fire.

Recently, he has gone missing. His last known location: Fossil Cavern- a mysterious place outside of Volterra City at the foot of Boulderon’s Southern Pass. He went to the caverns in search for the fossil of a newly-discovered Pokemon known as Veliceron. That was three days ago and he has not reported back yet.

The LMA has decided to assemble a team of trainers to head to Fossil Cavern to investigate. All members of the League Masters association are welcome to take part in this mission, but the LMA also is accepting volunteer trainers to assist them. If you wish to volunteer for this mission, please fill out the volunteer sign-up sheet.

Sign-up Form
Pokemon Team:
Other Details;

If you are a member of the League Masters Association, you may use your character for this mission. May the best of luck be with you all.

The Omskivar

chah, dude
I'm probably missing something or other since I'm not in the League Masters Association, but it's been forever since I roleplayed, so let's do it. One clarification, are there Fakemon that I need to know about in this new region, or just this newly-discovered fossil?

Name: Sawyer Q. Thompson

Hometown: Canalave City

Appearance: A distinguished-looking middle-aged gentleman, a bit taller than average height (approx. 6'3"). His hair is beginning to gray early, but it still appears as a lightening brown (lightening as it's getting lighter) in his well-kempt hair and chevron moustache. He generally wears a fancy (but not too fancy or overly showy, just classy) top hat and carries a modest walking-stick. Sawyer has soft blue eyes behind his thick-framed brow-line glasses. A nice tweed suit is his attire of choice, though he has been known to forego it for a trench coat. His build is stocky, yet unathletic (think Sherlock Holmes). He keeps time on a pocket watch in his jacket pocket.

History: As a young boy in Canalave City, which boasted Sinnoh's greatest library, Sawyer grew up gaining all sorts of knowledge of the world of Pokemon, from the mating-season migration patterns of Corphish to the proper care of a prizewinning Haxorus. He made friends easily enough when motivated to, but more often kept to himself and his research, leaving on his Pokemon journey at the age of fourteen. Wildly successful on his journey and amassing a wide variety of Pokemon, Sawyer treated his adventures as those of discovery, rather than conquest, and he hasn't returned home for more than a week at a time in the thirty years since. He was an adept battler, and he battled the Gym Leaders in most of the towns he journeyed to, but out of enjoyment rather than competition, opting out of the Indigo, Silver, Sinnoh, and Unova Conferences, and taking second in the Ever Grande and Orange Conferences. Even without the prestige of League titles, Sawyer has grown to be a household name around the world (the same way an Olympic athlete would be; recognizeable, perhaps not known by everyone ever), and has been offered a handful of Gym Leader positions, a Frontier Brain position, and the Unova Champion position, having turned it down (leading to the hiring of Alder) in the interest of further travel. He is proficient in ancient writings such as those in Undella Bay's underwater caverns. All of his travels are recorded in travel journals, at least two of which are always on hand.

Personality: Sawyer is a reserved, wise man, who trusts easily and is extremely loyal and trustworthy himself. He talks little unless he has grown familiar with someone, and enjoys the company of Pokemon. Rather than battle to prove his strength, he battles to learn and exercise his intellect. He doesn't like the cold so much as the warm, but is able to ignore his discomfort in light of his endeavors. He generally puts the needs of others before his own in the same way. He knows all of his Pokemon on a personal level, which is a remarkable feat considering the amount of Pokemon he has in the PC, and they all trust him as far as their individual species will allow.

Pokemon Team: Typhlosion, Lileep, Gyarados, Granbull*, Marowak, Bronzor

*Granbull was captured on Pinkan Island, and therefore is pink.

Other Details: Sawyer has been to every maingame location (including Orre) aside from Four Island, Citadark Isle, Mt. Battle, Marine/Terra Cave, Cerulean Cave, and the entire stretch of Unova from Twist Mountain to Tubeline Bridge. He has also been to the Orange Islands. He has a vast amount of Pokemon in the PC as reserves, which may or may not come up situationally in the RP.
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Where have I been at?
There are Fakemon that are unique to this region, but you don't need to know them.

You are accepted, Volunteer Trainer Sawyer.


Moon don't tell me lies, don't let me roam forever
Reserve, please?

Also, are Fakemon allowed, and if so, do they have to be from your region?


Where have I been at?
Fakemon are allowed. Just explain them and it will be alright.(no overpowering Fakemon)

Reserved, Volunteer Trainer.


Where have I been at?
Okay, lets start now, shall we?

*points out of the roleplay lounge* Onward to Fossil Cavern.

The Omskivar

chah, dude
It would help if I had some sort of idea of the two LMA characters, so if the descriptions could be posted here I'd really appreciate it. I so far have no idea what descriptors to use for CJBlazer's and ILS' characters.


Lord of the (Cro)bats
Sign-up Form
Name: Bera
Hometown: Fortree City
Appearance: Bera has blue eyes, and a light skin color. She wears a white shirt and jeans, with the white shirt having a red Poke Ball design.
Personality: Bera is quick to make friends and has a very strong sense of loyalty to her friends.
Pokemon Team: Fletchinder, Seadra, Simisage, Delcatty, Ninjask, Shedinja
Other Details: Bera is a fast runner.