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Pokémon Mafia: Arceus

Huh. Signing up, but does this mean we might just... have nobody be mafia, because nobody picked the mafia characters?
indeed! (assuming the RNG doesn't force anyone to choose between three mafia roles, like ZM suggested.) but i think it will work out ok all the same :)

this is what I have for the current player list, lmk if I'm missing someone. thinking I will aim to send out roles on Sunday night so post your /in before then if you're procrastinating
1. M&F
2. JackPK
3. Wisper & Zori (hydra account tbd - are you gonna use lolfoxes again?)
4. Zero Moment
5. RedneckPhoenix
6. Herbe
7. haneko
8. mewtini
9. Butterfree
All role PMs should be sent out now, let me know if you were expecting one and don't have it yet!
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