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Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

Kung Fu Ferret

Orcas are your friends
Gen 9 was confirmed today. I am so excited for it. From the looks of it, the region is pretty much
Spain. We don't have names for the starters yet, but the grass type is a cat, the fire type is an alligator, and the water type is a duck. Once a release date is announced, I'm pre-ordering both from the GameStop across from street from where I work.

Edit: the starters are named Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly
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I think it's going to be Spain/Portugal since the map on the wall in one of the shots looked a bit like the Iberian peninsula.

Sword/Shield were a bit of a dissapointment with how unfinished they felt (and I don't just mean dexit. The story and game world just seemed like they ran out of time and rushed it to release). So I'm not that hopeful about this being better. If it's more open-world like Arceus I hope they actually provide things to do in that world. A large world to explore is boring if there isn't anything there. I got bored of Arceus quite quickly but I still enjoy Breath of the Wild quite a bit so it's not open worlds in general that I don't like.

The grass cat is cute. I think this is the first generation where the grass starter has been my favourite. I'll have to wait until I see the evolutions to make a final descision though.
I personally wish more time was being spent between generations and in development. I also just spend a lot of time on games - I'm still not done arceus, I'll probably go back to snap to 100% it after that - and this kind of pace is worrying, both in a "I don't have time to play what I want before the game is out" meaning and just because the game might not be the best version it could be when it's released. we certainly don't need so many games so often!
I really enjoyed Legends Arceus despite the shortcomings and was hoping they'd spend more time on this new game to iron out all the flaws. As is Arceus restored my relationship with the series from only caring about pre gen 6 to cautiously optimistic, but I'm more cautious than optimistic with this little time I gotta say.
Being behind on the Switch games means I have a lot to do to catch up since I play through Pokemon games fairly thoroughly. SV look interesting, but I've been playing Sword for months and still don't have all the badges ! By the time it comes out, I'm not sure if I'll even be onto Legends yet.
I still haven't pre-ordered my copy of both games yet but I plan on doing it at some point in the near future.
Preordered both, Less than 2 weeks remain. Also be aware that the games are already leaking, But I won't post any leaks here
My copy of Pokemon Scarlet arrived this afternoon. Gonna play it when I'm not so tired and have some free time. How well did you guys manage to avoid spoilers?
I managed to avoid all spoilers until I started looking for them (for the starter evolutions, I like to base my choice on the final evolutions). probably not being on twitter anymore helped greatly with not seeing leaks

I have a friend coming over for christmas eve who'll be getting violet then, so I'll be buying and playing scarlet at that time so we can go through it in tandem like we did with sw/sh. I'm looking forward to it!
I've played scarlet and its really fun!! feels like pokemon is going in a new direction and i'm okay with that! the new pokemon designs are cute and without spoiling it, this feels like a completely different experience ^^

and the ending is. waoh
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