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Pokemon Stadium 1 / Pokemon stadium 2 General

Dialga Of Time

Master Time Manipulator
What was/is the best thing you love about pokemon stadium 1 or 2? The mini-games? The gym leader castle? The ridiculously hard Prime Cup? Share your thoughts!


Maelstroms amidst steel

Though the Golbat game in 2 should die in hell. Also, I wasn't allowed a Gameboy when I was young so I had to play Red and Silver on Stadium 1 and 2. The fact that my Silver still works is something I have decided might be due to that way of playing.

Gymleaders and the ridiculously fun Pokemon Academy and the ridiculous difficulty if you're using rental Pokemon...

I love these games so much.


if the nineth lion ate the sun.
I can kick ass like nobody's business at *all* the minigames.

CAN'T BEAT ME. Game of my childhood, man!