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Pokémon Tarot Cards


Pokémon Tarot Cards

Pokémon Tarot Cards Experiment:

The objective is to create a (hopefully) complete deck of tarot cards, designed and compiled by different artists. The final image sizes should be 13cm by 19.8cm drawn at or above 300dpi for a good-ish quality of printing, should anyone want to print these out.

To start out with, we will use the major arcana of tarot decks. People will claim a single card from the list below and draw their card. It would also be helpful for people to list the Pokémon they intend to feature as the focal points of their image to avoid too many people using the same Pokémon. Unfortunately we can only really do this on a first come, first serve basis.

Once you have decided upon your card before you post here to claim, I would like for you to go out and do a little bit of research on your chosen card; how it should be laid out, what is suitable and unsuitable. Get a general feel for the card and learn the impression the artwork should create upon the viewer.

Most importantly, be inventive. Don't draw Solrock for "The Sun" because it looks like a sun. Don't draw Arceus for "Judgement" because Judgement is Arceus' signature move. There needs to be a little bit more depth in thinking than that because these typical, obvious choices are wasted opportunities.

Major Arcana - Claimer - Main Focal Pokémon:
00: The Fool
01: The Magician - ultraviolet - Lopunny (Incomplete)
02: The High Priestess
03: The Empress
04: The Emperor
05: The Hierophant
06: The Lovers - Zora of Termina - Lucario, Zoroark (Incomplete)
07: The Chariot - Espeon - Lapras, Kingler (Incomplete)
08: Strength - Hyde - Froslass, Luxray (Complete!)
09: The Hermit
10: Wheel of Fortune - blazheirio889 - Absol (Incomplete)
11: Justice - Little Bluberry Bomb - Riolu (Incomplete)
12: The Hanged Man - surskitty - Slowking (Incomplete)
13: Death - Cirrus - Cubone or Marowak (Incomplete)
14: Temperance - Mendatt - Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf (Incomplete)
15: The Devil
16: The Tower - Karkat Vantas - Sigilyph (Incomplete)
17: The Star
18: The Moon - celebu - Houndoom (Incomplete)
19: The Sun
20: Judgement - Big Red Cherry Bomb - Ho-oh (Incomplete)
21: The World

As a final note, I'd rather people spent time over doing one card well than rushed through one just to claim another card!

Claim 1 card at a time.
State the card and Pokémon you intend to use as your focal point in your post.
Research your card. Plan it well.
Be inventive, don't go for the first and most obvious choice.

(Also, I know this has probably been done before elsewhere but, it's just for a bit of fun! People who have already claimed without posting did so via IRC at the time!)
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Re: Pokémon Tarot Cards

...holy crap yes.

I want in! Can I claim Judgement, with Ho-Oh?

(also, you spelled 'Emperor' wrong :9)

ETA: oh, and if anyone needs it, this is a p. good resource to start research; Wiki also has some nice info, and I do readings myself so I can be asked too ;3c


Re: Pokémon Tarot Cards

Okay, you're in. :)

Thanks for the tip about emperor, I kept doing that in the IRC too. I should probably just relearn the entire word, haha.

Hopefully more people will join, though. I was half-expecting more than one person to have posted in here by now. :x

Bluberry Bat

Mostly Ghostly
Re: Pokémon Tarot Cards

Okay.. I'm going to throw a tentative reserve for Justice - Riolu (big surprise) please. This sounds too fun to pass up.


Re: Pokémon Tarot Cards

Alright, added you lot. :)

Just remember, 300+ dpi. >:(

I somewhat feel I should point out this is an all ages forum so do keep your artwork clean. :P


Re: Pokémon Tarot Cards

Ahhh, this is an amazing idea. :D

Could I nab Death, please? I'd try with either Cubone or Marowak, I'm trying to decide which will be the most suitable (probably Marowak).

Eeee, I can't wait to get started on this!

Karkat Vantas

Virile God-Snake Tower of Masculinity
Re: Pokémon Tarot Cards

Bunping to ask if anyone ever did theirs, as well as this being a good idea in general.

I actually did do mine!


Re: Pokémon Tarot Cards

Oh, hey! People have posted.

...I'd started mine. I should probably finish it at some point. :D


Re: Pokémon Tarot Cards

I've got the general concept, but I haven't started yet. Unfortunately due to school work and stuff I probably won't be able to start until around the middle of June.


cutest picture ever!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Pokémon Tarot Cards

I'm almost finished. I just have to colour and add some more detail.